Cancelling an Active Task in the Task Server
27 June 2013 06:45 PM


Sometimes you may find that there are one or more tasks that are taking too long to complete or are hogging too many server resources, and you would like to remove them from the Task Server.  This article presents a way to cancel active tasks in the Task Server.


To cancel active tasks in the Task Server, you can browse to the Admin UI, navigate to the Status tab of the Group's Task Server, and cancel the tasks. However, this may get tedious if there are many tasks to be terminated.

As an alternative, you can use the server monitoring built-ins to programmatically find and cancel the tasks. The documentation for the MarkLogic Server API contains includes information for all the builtin functions you will need (refer to

Sample Script

Here is a sample script that removes the task based on the path to the module that is being executed:

let $host-id := xdmp:host()
let $host-task-server-id := xdmp:host-status($host-id)//*:task-server/*:task-server-id/text()
let $task-server-status := xdmp:server-status($host-id,$host-task-server-id)
let $task-server-requests := $task-server-status/*:request-statuses
let $scheduled-task-request := $task-server-requests/*:request-status[*:request-text = "/PATH/TO/SCHEDULED/TASK/MODULE.XQY"]/*:request-id/text()
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