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Best Practice Editing MarkLogic Server Environment Variables
11 May 2016 06:52 AM


In some cases it is required to change the default environment variables of a MarkLogic Server installation or configuration which are predefined in /etc/sysconfig/MarkLogic


The standard MarkLogic installation includes a file that contains all required environment variables for a successful service start which is located at /etc/sysconfig/MarkLogic. As this file is part of a MarkLogic installation package it will be replaced or changed during a MarkLogic upgrade without any notification. Any direct file customizations will be overwritten and are lost. This can result in various problems after a restart of a MarkLogic upgrade.

To prevent any issues with upgrading MarkLogic Server, it is recommended to place all customizations into a separate file located at /etc/marklogic.conf. As this file isn't part of the default MarkLogic installation package it has to be manually created by either copying /etc/sysconfig/MarkLogic to /etc/marklogic.conf or just creating a blank text file at /etc/marklogic.conf. Only add the variables to be changed or added. All custom environment variables added in this file will overwrite the ones which are defined in /etc/sysconfig/MarkLogic.

These changes will also survive any MarkLogic Server upgrade as it won't be touched during the upgrade process.

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