Debugging Alerting Applications
26 July 2016 03:40 PM


This article will provide steps to debug applications using the Alerting API that are not triggering an alert.


1) Check that all required components are present in the database where alerting is setup: config, actions, rules.   Run the attached script 'getalertconfigs.xqy' through the Query Console and review the output.  

2) As documented in our Search Developer's Guide, Test the alert manually with alert:invoke-matching-actions(). 


      <doc>hello world</doc>, <options/>)

3) Use the rule's query to test against the database to check that the expected documents are returned by the query.

Take the query text from the rule and run it through Query Console using a cts:search() on the database.  This will confirm whether the expected documents are a positive match.  If the documents are returned and no alert is triggered, then further debugging will be needed on the configuration or the query may need to be modified.

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