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Approaches to scripting a database backup using the MarkLogic ReST API
11 January 2018 11:57 AM


A question that customers frequently ask is for advice on managing backups outside the standard XQuery APIs or the web interface provided by MarkLogic.

This Knowledgebase article demonstrates two approaches to allow you to integrate the backup of a MarkLogic database into your dev-ops workflow by allowing such processes to be scripted or managed outside the product.

Creating a backup using the ReST API

You can use the ReST API to perform a database backup and to check on the status at any given time.

The examples listed below use XQuery to make the calls to the ReST API over http but you could similarly adapt the below examples to work with cURL - examples will also be given for this approach.

The process

Here is an example that demonstrates a backup of the Documents database: