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Knowledgebase: App Services
Information Studio XDMP-FRAGTOOLARGE errors
04 April 2019 08:01 AM


This is a discussion about XDMP-FRAGTOOLARGE errors encountered while using Information Studio


Information Studio uses the Fab database. The Fab database retains the state information related to the document transformation and distribution processes. Documents that generate errors during a load operation are retained in the Fab database.

If there are transformation steps configured for the flow, the collector loads the documents to the Fab database, where they are processed by a Content Processing Framework (CPF) pipeline. The CPF pipeline transforms the content and distributes the resulting documents to the destination database.

Depending on the size and/or structure of your content, you may occasionally encounter XDMP-FRAGTOOLARGE errors when performing transformations in Information Studio. When this occurs, consider increasing the in-memory-list size setting for the Fab database.

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