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Floating Point Exception causes MarkLogic Server start to fail
08 April 2013 07:25 PM


When attempting to start MarkLogic Server on older versions of Linux (Non-supported platforms), a "Floating Point Exception" may prevent the server from starting.

Example of the error text from system messages:

kernel: MarkLogic[29472] trap divide error rip:2ae0d9eaa80f rsp:7fffd8ae7690 error:0


Older Linux kernels will, by default, utilize older libraries.  When a software product such as MarkLogic Server is built using a newer version of gcc, it is possible that it will fail to execute correctly on older systems.  We have seen it in cases where the glibc library is out of date, and not containing certain symbols that were added in newer versions. Refer to the RedHat bug that explains this issue:

The recommended solution is to upgrade to a newer version of your Linux distribution.  While you may be able to resolve the immediate issue by only upgrading the glibc library, it is not recommended.

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