Monitoring Options in DHS
29 July 2022 12:59 PM

MarkLogic DHS

MarkLogic Data Hub Service (DHS) provides the fastest and most cost-effective way for enterprises to integrate, store, harmonize, analyze, and secure mission-critical data in the cloud. Because it is a managed service, not all of the monitoring options are available in DHS as are available using MarkLogic Server with the Data Hub Framework.

Management endpoint

DHS on AWS uses port 8002 for the management endpoint.

Dashboard and History

The Monitoring Dashboard, and Monitoring History can also be accessed on the management port.

The Monitoring Dashboard provides task-based views of MarkLogic Server performance metrics in real time

Monitoring History feature allows you to view critical performance data collected from your cluster

Database Status

Return status information for the named database:

Database Metrics

Retrieve historical monitoring data about the databases in the cluster

Retrieve historical monitoring data about the named databases:

Server Logs

Available Log Files

List the logs available on the server

Retrieving, Filtering, and Formatting Logs

The Log files can be retrieved with text, json, or xml formatting. The files can be retrieved in whole, or they can be filtered using any combination of:

  • Start time (start)
  • End time (end)
  • Regular expression/s (regex)

Retrieve data-hub-STAGING app server error log with text, json, or xml formatting

Retrieve Server ErrorLog entries for a specific time range with xml formatting

Retrieve Server ErrorLog looking for the patterns SVC or XDMP. Regex or condition, |, is URL encoded (%7C) between the two patterns.

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