SVC_SOCHN warning during start-up on AWS
23 April 2020 08:48 AM


When running MarkLogic on AWS without using the Managed Cluster feature, a hostname warning may occur under certain circumstances.

Customer Managed Clusters

Customers who manage their own clusters in AWS use the /etc/marklogic.conf file to disable the MarkLogic Managed Cluster feature by setting. This is done by setting MARKLOGIC_EC2_HOST=0 to disable all of MarkLogics EC2 enhancements, or by setting MARKLOGIC_MANAGED_CLUSTER=0 to only disable the Managed Cluster feature. This should be done prior to starting MarkLogic for the first time on the host.

AWS Configuration Variables


When MarkLogic is started prior to /etc/marklogic.conf being put in place, it will populate /var/local/mlcmd.conf file with some default values, including a MARKLOGIC_HOSTNAME value that is based on the current instance hostname. If this volume is used on a new instance, it's possible to end up with a value for MARKLOGIC_HOSTNAME that will no longer resolve. This will result in the following error:

2020-04-16 15:15:36.468 Warning: A valid hostname is required for proper functioning of MarkLogic Server: SVC-SOCHN: Socket hostname error: getaddrinfo Name or service not known

The issue does not impact the functioning of the cluster.

Resolving the Issue

After verifying that /etc/marklogic.conf has the correct entries, remove the /var/local/mlcmd.conf file, and restart the MarkLogic service on the host.

Further Reading

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