MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0

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Knowledgebase: MarkLogic Server
Upgrading Data Hub Version in DHS AWS Service: DHF 4.x/5.0/5.1 to 5.2+
03 August 2020 10:34 PM


This KB article is for those customers who are willing to upgrade their DHS (Data Hub Service) Data Hub version from Data Hub 5.1.0 (or earlier) to Data Hub 5.2.x+ on AWS. 

Note: This process only applies for requests to MarkLogic Support to upgrade the Data Hub version on a DHS AWS service.


For customers who want to upgrade their DHS Data Hub version from Data Hub 5.1.0 (or earlier) to Data Hub 5.2.x in DHS AWS, they should be made aware of the following.

The user can still upgrade to Data Hub 5.2.x but with the following caveats:

Old DHS Roles DH 5.2 Roles
Flow Developer data-hub-developer
Flow Operator data-hub-operator
Endpoint Developer data-hub-developer
Endpoint User data-hub-operator
Service Security Admin


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