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Posted by Matt Allen on 19 November 2021 12:36 AM
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Posted by Chuck Hollis on 12 November 2021 12:57 AM
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The Power of Abstractions
Posted by Chuck Hollis on 02 November 2021 01:12 PM

One powerful theme throughout the history of computing — indeed of human thought — has been the impact of powerful abstractions, and how they helped do more. Computing abstractions lessen friction, and make entirely new things possible on a broad scale.

Not to bore you with history, but consider that COBOL was the first portable computing language, essentially abstracting hardware from logic. More recently in the infrastructure domain, virtualization has abstracted compute, storage and network,

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Posted by Chuck Hollis on 29 October 2021 02:21 AM
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Pharma R&D Has an Interesting Problem
Posted by Chuck Hollis on 25 October 2021 02:52 PM

Enabling and supporting a large biopharmaceutical R&D organization is never easy and probably never will be. You’re doing specialized research across many domains with people who are intensely curious and intelligent — and sometimes demanding.

Fielding the platforms that researchers want to use has never been easy, but now there’s a new urgency: improved IP protection. Not surprisingly, a researcher who can’t find what they need in one place will go to another, usually outside the

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