Creating a pstack movie for support
27 June 2023 05:31 PM


Attached to this article is a bash script (, which will generate a zip file containing a lot of useful information for the support team in cases where assistance is required troubleshooting a problem in a development, QA/UAT or production environment.

When would I need to create a pstack movie for support

In situations where you're facing a particular performance problem - this may be a query that seems to be displaying unexpected behaviour or a situation where the server appears to become unresponsive for a period of time.

The "pstack movie" generates a stack trace of the MarkLogic process at intervals of 5 seconds for a period of time specified by the user running the script; we generally recommend running this script for one minute (60 seconds)

Example Usage:

./ 60

This will cause the script to execute for 1 minute. The output will be saved to a zip file mounted at /tmp.

The script will generate a filename from the current server time and date. The zip file can then be attached to the case for the engineering team to review.

The script (

The entire script is available for download from this page and the source is available from here:

A longer pstack script (

This script also gets essential OS level information in addition to the pstack output:


Before running this pstack script, please ensure you have the following packages installed on your host:

yum -y install pstack sysstat psutils gdb

Someone with root access to the host will need to execute this script.

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