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Latest Updates
Uses of Semantic Technology in Financial Services
Posted by Alicia Saia on 15 April 2014 01:29 PM

My colleague Amir Halfon – MarkLogic’s CTO of Global Financial Services – just posted a new addition to his “Big Data Blog” describing how Financial Services organizations can benefit from Semantic Web Technology.

In the post, he lays out five different use cases – Customer 360, Data Provenance, Reference Data, Pre-Trade Analytics and Decision Support, and Compliance – and gives a high-level overview of the reasons why (and how) this type of non-relational technology is useful for each. Common to all the examples is the way Semantic Technology can help add meaning and context to data, without extensive human intervention, rigid data modeling, or costly ETL cycles.

If you’re interested in a quick introduction to uses of Semantic Web Technology, I recommend you check it out.

Uses of Semantic Technology in Financial Services from MarkLogic.

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Update from the GEOINT Symposium
Posted by Idriss Mekrez on 15 April 2014 09:43 AM
GEOINT attendees at the Tampa Convention Center

GEOINT attendees at the Tampa Convention Center

The GEOINT Symposium is the preeminent event for the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities. This year GEOINT celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and MarkLogic is present in force down in Tampa to show how Enterprise NoSQL is making difference today in the community.

At the symposium, MarkLogic is demonstrating our latest innovation in the domain of Object Based Production (OBP). During the GEOINT Forward day on Monday April 14, MarkLogic’s Scott Stafford presented a session called “Lighting the Path to Improved Interoperability,” describing how MarkLogic is used at NGA to fuse multiple information sources into a unified OBP environment. This unique capability will be demonstrated at our booth throughout the conference (Booth 7077).

Update from the GEOINT Symposium from MarkLogic.

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