MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0

Latest MarkLogic releases provide a smarter, simpler, and more secure way to integrate data.

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Supported Server Versions
Version Original Release Date Current Release End of Life Date
MarkLogic Server 10.0 Jun 27, 2019 10.0-4.2 In Circulation
MarkLogic Server 9.0 May 5, 2017 9.0-13 June 25, 2021
Latest Updates
Banque : Les données au service de la conformité bancaire
Posted by Milo Van Boeijen on 28 July 2020 11:15 AM

Aujourd’hui, le contexte de crise financière et sanitaire, les questions de la lutte anti blanchiment et du financement du terrorisme sont responsables d’une inflation réglementaire constante. Elle impose aux banques et établissements financiers une bonne gestion de la « compliance » pour gérer les risques : prévention du blanchiment et des fraudes, bonne conduite des activités, protection des données personnelles, législation fiscale,

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MarkLogic: Tech for Enabling a Better World
Posted by Ed Downs on 28 July 2020 09:31 AM

MarkLogic offers technology to simplify enterprise data integration. That is what we do (and we do it better than any other company out there).

Why we do it, though, can be found in the use cases and stories of our customers and how they leverage our technology to solve complex data challenges and achieve mission goals. You see, MarkLogic is more than software for integrating enterprise data. It is a platform for enabling a better world.

Here are three ways our customers are

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