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Latest MarkLogic releases provide a smarter, simpler, and more secure way to integrate data.

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Supported Server Versions
Version Original Release Date Current Release End of Life Date
MarkLogic Server 10.0 Jun 27, 2019 10.0-9.1 In Circulation
MarkLogic Server 9.0 May 5, 2017 9.0-13.8 In Circulation
Latest Updates
Facts and What They Mean
Posted by Chuck Hollis on 10 May 2022 01:06 PM

Determining the relevant facts surrounding an important situation is never easy. Getting agreement as to their interpretation is even harder. Documenting the journey for others to learn from – well, there’s rarely enough time for that, right?

Yet determining facts and what they mean underpins so many critical aspects of modern, digital life – “the data was there, why wasn’t it acted on?”

It’s simple economics. Raw data is relatively inexpensive. Skilled interpretations, less so.

It is now

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Truth in ESG Labels
Posted by Chuck Hollis on 26 April 2022 02:50 PM

How many of us pick up something at the grocery store and read the back of the label? We all want to know what we’re buying: the ingredients, their provenance and so on.

The same is true when buying financial products and services: we want to know what’s inside.

This is especially true when they are sold as ESG, or sustainable from an environmental, social, and governance perspective.

Much as you would vote for sustainable food choices by purchasing them in the grocery store, you can also

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