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Version Original Release Date Current Release End of Life Date
MarkLogic Server 8.0 February 6, 2015 8.0-2 In Circulation
MarkLogic Server 7.0 November 14, 2013 7.0-5 In Circulation
MarkLogic Server 6.0 September 12, 2012 6.0-5.3 In Circulation
MarkLogic Server 5.0 October 4, 2011 5.0-6.1 May 8, 2015
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Still in Love After All These Years
Posted by Fiona Ehret-Kayser on 22 April 2015 09:43 AM

Amey DhavleProduct, people and customer challenges – Amey Dhavle gives us an inside glimpse of a day in the life of his world as a Principal Field Engineer at MarkLogic and discusses why he’s still excited about the NoSQL database company after years of employment. While “It’s definitely not a two guys, a garage and dog setup … the passion and intelligence my colleagues bring to the table is incredible … and the humility flows from the very top…”

Go to LinkedIn to read this Java veteran’s thoughtful reflection on the makings of career happiness.

Still in Love After All These Years from MarkLogic.

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Strong Revenue Growth, Global Market and Partner Expansion, and Customer Momentum Positions Company as the New Generation Enterprise Database Platform for Big Data.

SAN CARLOS, CALIF. – April 14, 2015 – MarkLogic Corporation today announced record results for fiscal year 2015, which ended January 31. With revenue significantly north of $100 million, MarkLogic is proving to be a rapidly growing Enterprise NoSQL business that is succeeding in the enterprise where traditional databases are faltering. The company also increased annual bookings by more than 50 percent and marks one of the largest years of growth in MarkLogic’s history. Additionally, MarkLogic’s customer base grew by nearly 20 percent worldwide in industries such as financial services, healthcare, government, media and entertainment, and the public sector, while also expanding into new markets like agriculture, energy, insurance and transportation. MarkLogic’s business in Europe nearly doubled and bookings in Asia Pacific set a new company record.

“This year marked a major shift in the industry: The Big Data market is beginning to segment. Our year-end results clearly demonstrate that MarkLogic has established itself as the de facto new generation, enterprise-hardened database platform for modern operational systems and applications,” said Gary Bloom, president and CEO of MarkLogic Corporation. “MarkLogic has consistently outperformed the competition by winning projects in the enterprise. In fact, over 50 percent of our business last year was derived from completing projects that started on Oracle but were better solved by MarkLogic. We will continue to focus on expanding our business globally into new markets, invest in talent and most importantly deliver on innovation that will help us solidify our market leadership. Our customers and partners are advanced in their thoughts and ideas on how to capitalize on all of their enterprise data and together we are evolving the operational database market as we know it today.”

MarkLogic has emerged as the new generation database platform of choice by delivering a solution that helps enterprises not only analyze their data for better insight, but operationalize it to use in day-to-day activities that are crucial to business operations. Data has moved from powering products and decisions to competitive differentiation. With this new focus, corporate IT departments are now required to accommodate all of the disparate data residing in multiple systems that businesses and governments are managing today. Legacy relational database technology is often too limiting and inflexible to manage today’s ever-changing data types in the enterprise. Global organizations require a different approach to managing today’s data to understand context, analyze details, and most importantly, to put all of the data into action to accelerate business growth.

MarkLogic is the only schema-agnostic Enterprise NoSQL database platform that integrates search, semantics, and application services, with enterprise features customers require for production applications. MarkLogic® software features ACID transactions for data reliability and transactional consistency, horizontal scaling, real-time indexing, high availability, disaster recovery, enterprise-grade security, tiered storage, and the most advanced support for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

New MarkLogic customers include: Aetna, Ascend Learning, Baltimore Museum of Art, Broadridge Financial, CABI, Cambridge University Press, Channel IQ, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Government Executive Media Group, Hannover Re, KSV 1870, Market 6, RCN Publishing Company, Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM), Spotta, and U.S. Navy.

FY2015 highlights

Leadership in the Operational Database Market

In April, MarkLogic entered the Leaders Quadrant in the Gartner, Inc. Operational Database Management Systems Magic Quadrant. The report evaluated 25 different vendors and recognized MarkLogic as a Leader based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

MarkLogic also ranked as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: NoSQL Document Databases, Q3 2014” by Forrester Research Inc. The company was positioned as a Leader based on its current offering, strategy and market presence. The report evaluated select companies against 57 criteria and stated that MarkLogic “has the most comprehensive NoSQL document databases, data management features and functionality to store, process, and access any kind of structured and multistructured data.”

Thriving Partner Ecosystem

MarkLogic greatly expanded its partner ecosystem on a global scale. Last year MarkLogic saw a 50 percent increase in the number of OEM customers using the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform as the foundation for their solutions. The company secured OEM partnerships with companies like Capsicum, Hannover RE, KPMG LLP, TerraXML and Zavango. The company also further strengthened strategic partnerships with companies like Avalon Consulting LLP, Cognizant, EBCONT, EPAM Systems, Hexaware, ISDC, NTT DATA, Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems, Itochu-Techno-Solutions (CTC), and Smartlogic. In FY15, MarkLogic experienced more than a 100% increase in bookings from partners.

“In the past few years, our business has thrived alongside our strategic partner MarkLogic. Both companies view today’s data outside of traditional rows and columns, understanding that data is everywhere and in every format,” said Tom Reidy, president & CEO, Avalon Consulting, LLC. “Together, we help our customers more easily and affordably integrate and transform all their data into actionable business results.”

Broadening Board Expertise

In November, MarkLogic appointed Greg J. Santora, former CFO of Intuit to the company’s board of directors. Greg is serving as Chairman of the Audit Committee to help scale the business to meet the rapid growth and the strong market demand for its new generation database platform. The company is establishing a board with members whose experience reflects the future path of the company.

Expanding International Presence for Enterprise NoSQL

MarkLogic continues its investment in non-U.S. markets, adding offices and making high-level strategic hires in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, and Sweden. In addition, the company opened new offices in cities across the U.S. including Chicago and Houston.

Setting the Standard for Next-Generation Databases with MarkLogic 8

Not resting on its laurels and enterprise advantage, MarkLogic continues to out-innovate competitors in order to deliver new features required by leading customers like Broadridge Financial. Specifically, MarkLogic recently introduced its next generation software MarkLogic version 8, the newest iteration of the company’s Enterprise NoSQL platform. This latest version supports server-side JavaScript and JSON and includes a robust set of enterprise features like semantics and bitemporal, which allows businesses to minimize risk by looking at data as it was over the course of time. These features are vital for companies in regulated industries like healthcare, financial services or utilities. In addition, MarkLogic is making it easy for organizations to deploy MarkLogic-powered applications in the cloud with a limited offering of a free, one-year version of its Enterprise NoSQL database platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Our extensive testing has shown that MarkLogic 8 is going to shake up the market completely, and in particular, MarkLogic Bitemporal,” said Paolo Pelizzoli, Global Head of Architecture, Global Technology Operations, Broadridge Financial. “Broadridge plans to continue to use MarkLogic software as a strategic tool in helping customers perform exceptional analytics and increase performance in areas such as compliance management. This is due to MarkLogic’s ability to quickly and affordably let us build innovative apps with the additional bonuses of tiered storage, semantics and server-side JavaScript features and support.”

Continuing with its enterprise leadership, MarkLogic Server 6.0-4 earned Common Criteria Certification through independent testing conducted by Leidos (formerly SAIC) and is the only Enterprise NoSQL database platform with NIAP Common Criteria Certification.

To learn more about the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform, attend MarkLogic World 2015, being held in various cities throughout the world. For more information or to register and meet with experts, attend sessions covering semantics, elasticity, tiered storage and more, please visit

MarkLogic Corporation Establishes Leadership in Rapidly Evolving Operational Database Market from MarkLogic.

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