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Found 37 bugs fixed in 10.0-7

Bug ID Component Platform Status
redaction on rows in the Optic API
An Optic query can redact a column by rebinding a column to an expression. The expression can either transform the column values or generate replacement values in some other way including based on random numbers or UUIDs. The Optic API now provides helper functions to build column rebindings for common redaction cases including maskDeterministic(), maskRandom(), redactDatetime(), redactEmail(), redactIpv4(), redactNumber(), redactRegex(), redactUsSsn(), and redactUsPhone().
BUG-55996 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
Optic bindAs() deprecated in favor of bind()
The bindAs() operation adds a single column to a row. The new bind() operation takes multiple column definitions from as() and thus makes it possible to add multiple columns to a row and to use helper functions to define columns.
BUG-55842 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
External Authenticate trace messages are not accurate in certain cases
The External Authenticate trace message with "bad password" is overly specific when the cause is a general authentication failure
BUG-55249 security all Fixed in 10.0-7
MLCP dependencies have security vulnerablities
The following dependencies which have security vunlnerabilities have been updated: - Apache Hadoop: from 2.6.0 to 2.7.2 - junit:junit: from 4.12.0 to 4.13.1 - com.thoughtworks.xstream:xstream: from 1.4.12 to 1.4.16 - org.apache.libthrift:libthrift: from 0.13.0 to 0.14.0 - from 11.0.2 to 25.0-jre. - commons-httpclient: from 3.1 to 4.2.3 - jackson-mapper-asl: removed
BUG-55554 mlcp all Fixed in 10.0-7
XStream vulnerabilities in MLCP
Recent vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-26258 and CVE-2020-26259) were addressed in the 1.4.15 build of XStream on 13th December 2020. As XStream is an MLCP dependency, this release contains the fixed XStream library. More information can be found at
BUG-55681 mlcp all Fixed in 10.0-7
MLCP throws IOExceptions during scale-out events
During scale-out events, MLCP throws IOExceptions if some of the splits have already finished importing.
BUG-55899 mlcp all Fixed in 10.0-7
SVC-EXTIME during Security upgrade
Under some rare circumstances a security upgrade will exceed the current time limit (600 seconds) specified for the Admin App Server on port 8001
BUG-55950 adminGUI all Fixed in 10.0-7
groupToArrays() and groupByUnion() in Optic
The groupToArrays() operation in the Optic SJS library has been fixed to associate group rows with the correct group keys. The export of queries with the groupToArrays() and groupByUnion() operations in the Optic SJS library has been fixed to export correctly so the query can be imported or sent to the REST API.
BUG-56490 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
Query Console: Importing a workspace puts the list in random order
Importing a workspace in Query Console puts the list in random order
BUG-55719 Query Console all Fixed in 10.0-7
Query-Based Views in the Optic and REST APIs
The Optic and REST APIs can now generate a QBV (Query-Based View) for persistence in the schemas database. The QBV is accessed in SQL or the Optic API in the same way as a view specified in a TDE. The Optic API produces the view with the generateView() method in SJS or the op:generate-view() function in XQuery. The /v1/rows endpoint of the REST API adds the generateView value to the enumeration of the output parameter.
BUG-54865 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
Deploy roles report OK, while role is not created
In some situations /manage/v3 is reporting HTTP OK (200) for role deployment, while the role is not created because an underlying role does not exist.
BUG-55958 Config Management all Fixed in 10.0-7
Replicas cycling between the sync/async states
Replicas cycling between the sync/async states. This is a speculative fix.
BUG-55927 Replication all Fixed in 10.0-7
New operations op:exists-join() and op:not-exists-join()
These are equivalent to SQL semi join and anti join.
BUG-55908 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
Optic import of random() and uuid() expressions
Previously, an Optic import of a query using sem.random(), sem.uuid(), sql.rand(), or xdmp.random() expressions called the function when building the query. As a result, the random value was a constant in every row of the result. Now, the Optic import calls such functions when executing the query so the random value is different in every row.
BUG-56429 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
Ambiguous column error with IBM Information Analyzer
Binding a column in SQL selects, SPARQL, or Optic API with the same column name as an existing column results in ambiguous column error.
BUG-56258 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-7
deadlock when reading document in multistatement transaction
The REST API and thus the Java and Node.js APIs can read a document for a request that's part of a multi-statement transaction. The REST API locked the document for shared access and as a result, different multistatement transactions could become deadlocked when trying to upgrade the shared lock to an exclusive lock.
BUG-56327 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-7
500 error on /manage/v2/databases/database-name?view=status failure
500 error with message-code XDMP-AS on /manage/v2/databases/database-name?view=status failure when flexible replication is configured
BUG-55937 Common API all Fixed in 10.0-7
SQL empty string
Some SQL queries do not correctly distinguish empty strings
BUG-55929 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-7
Managed hosts in same AZ may mount incorrect data volume
When two hosts in the same AZ are restarted at around the same time, it is possible that the hosts will inadvertently swap data volumes, causing XDMP-WRONGHOST errors.
BUG-55948 DB Cloud & Cloud Infrastructure EC2 Fixed in 10.0-7
Call to cts:triple-range-query() causing Bad malloc
If too many values are passed to cts:triple-range-query(), a Critical error displaying "Bad malloc" may occur.
BUG-55820 Semantics linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-7
XCC closes connections instead of reusing
When XCC talks to load balancer/application gateway using HTTP 1.1, the keep-alive timeout header from the server is not forwarded. XCC will assign a zero timeout and close the connection, and the connection pool will not reuse connections.
BUG-56360 XCC/Java all Fixed in 10.0-7
loop on start: "let: not found"
When starting, if the mlcmd initialization script is executed in the XSH shell environment, it get stuck in an infinite loop: ... Detecting eth1 from operating system ... Waiting for eth1 to be plugged in. Retry 1/20 ... [/opt/MarkLogic/mlcmd/scripts/init-config.xsh line: 137] let: not found
BUG-55825 DB Cloud & Cloud Infrastructure all Fixed in 10.0-7
Memory Leak when using Kerberos Authentication in 10.0-5.2 or later
A memory leak occurs with every Kerberos authenticated login.
BUG-55866 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-7
Forest should log error if label file has invalid journal archive path
When forest label file has an invalid journal archive path, no Warning or Error is shown and the forest cannot be open the next time it is restarted.
BUG-55599 Backup/Restore all Fixed in 10.0-7
Forced reindexing slow
In some circumstances, a forced reindexing can be slow
BUG-55792 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-7
cts:collection-match() performance
cts:collection-match() performs slow for large sets of documents (of the order of millions of documents)
BUG-55928 search all Fixed in 10.0-7
Not all query plans generated from a LEFT OUTER JOIN in SQL or Optic with ORDER BY returns correct results; When the bug occurs, no results are found, despite there being valid results.
BUG-55930 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-7
sampling in groupToArrays()
As with groupBy(), the Optic groupToArrays() operation takes grouping keys and aggregates. Unlike groupBy(), the initial version of groupToArrays() only supported aggregate functions and not implicit sampling of columns. Now, the list of aggregates passed to groupToArrays() can include columns for implicit sampling.
BUG-55814 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
language-baseline not supported in manage/v2/properties endpoint
get and set of language-baseline are accepted by manage/v2/properties endpoint (GET/PUT) but have no effect
BUG-56219 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-7
Monitoring Dashboard: Numeric values in excel file exported in string format
Monitoring Dashboard: Numeric values in excel file exported as string or "undefined" if not available
BUG-55726 Monitoring Dashboard all Fixed in 10.0-7
HTTP request to the server errors out when a request header contains multiple encoded words
The server responds to an HTTP request containing a request header that has multiple encoded words (E.g: ?UTF-8? Encoding) with a 400 error code.
BUG-55767 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-7
xdmp:email can't decode diacritic characters correctly
xdmp:email can't decode diacritic characters correctly when user doesn't specify content-type.
BUG-55800 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-7
JavaScript default app-server modules not supported
JavaScript default modules index.sjs and default.sjs weren't invoked by default
BUG-53758 JavaScript all Fixed in 10.0-7
Restore validation of App-Services forest from different cluster.
Restore validation fails for restore operation of App-Services forest (by name) from a different cluster (by ID).
BUG-54588 Backup/Restore all Fixed in 10.0-7
support for namedGroup() in facetBy()
The Optic API supports a facetBy() convenience for grouping to arrays. Previously, each facet had a system-assigned name. Now, the system-assigned name is a default that can be overridden by supplying a namedGroup() for the facet.
BUG-55770 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-7
XDMP-TOOMANYARGS when changing modules database for triggers using Admin UI
After restoring triggers from a different cluster, the modules database ids do not match anymore on the new cluster, which is expected. On Admin UI screen under Databases-{db-name}->Triggers, it provides a button to map the unknown id to a database from the current cluster. However, when this is clicked, XDMP-TOOMANYARGS is thrown.
BUG-55748 adminGUI all Fixed in 10.0-7
AssertionConsumerServiceURL has "http://" or https://", and port irrespective of value in SAML Assertion host.
If SAML Assertion host starts with "http://" or https://", AssertionConsumerServiceURL should not contain http:// or port information.
BUG-55689 security all Fixed in 10.0-7