MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0

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Bug Fix Report
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Found 4 bugs fixed in 10.0-4.4

Bug ID Component Platform Status
Deleting path namespace and range path indexes simultaneously failure
If you attempted to delete a path-namespace that was in use by a range-path-index, even if you were simultaneously deleting that range-path-index, the attempt would fail.
BUG-55246 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-4.4
Stemming performance
[Performance regression beginning in 9.0-11] Ingestion of documents with stemming enabled is significantly slower in some cases. Large document ingestion may time out.
BUG-55238 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-4.4
Whitespace stripped from parsed JSON text nodes.
If a JSON document contains a "language" or a "lang" property in an object, white space may be improperly stripped from text nodes when parsing.
BUG-55231 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-4.4
Certain documents become unreadable with XDMP-KEYMISMATCH errors.
BUG-55226 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-4.4