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Bug Fix Report
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Found 17 bugs fixed in 10.0-4.2

Bug ID Component Platform Status
SPARQL externally variables in group by
SPARQL externally bound variables used in a group by cause XDMP-INTERNAL
BUG-54799 Semantics all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
In some circumstances, SPARQLQuery will failing with XDMP-MEMCANCELED; For the cases identified, SPARQL query optimizations are improved with this release;
BUG-54796 Semantics all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Creating metadata fields with JSON does not work
Attempting to create a metadata field with a JSON payload will fail because the metadata property is lost.
BUG-54871 Common API all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Segmentation fault in Journal::writeJournal
Occasional segmentation fault in Journal::writeJournal
BUG-54890 xdmp linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-4.2
"Top X" style SQL/SPARQL/Optic API query Performance
Performance improvement for "Top X" style SQL/SPARQL/Optic API queries, which previously took time proportional to the total data;
BUG-54805 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
SPARQL Performance Regression in Query with != filters
A SPARQL Performance Regression in Query with != filters is resolved with this release.
BUG-54870 Semantics linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Transient read-after-write failure under heavy load
On a heavily loaded cluster a transient read-after-write failure can occur following an XDQP restart.
BUG-54784 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Regression with cts:element-value-query for a search with a trailing wildcard
Under some circumstances a cts:element-value-query may return no results after upgrading from MarkLogic 9 to 10 due to the deprecation of an earlier format compatibility in MarkLogic 10.
BUG-54825 search all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Rebalancer with Segment or Legacy Assignment Policy
To correct a rare but significant bug in the Rebalancer, the Rebalancer may now take longer to complete when the database's forest assignment policy is set to 'legacy' or 'segment'.
BUG-54949 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Sorting Performance improvement
BUG-54806 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
/v1/rows limit when applying a mapping function
The /v1/rows endpoint of the REST API can apply a mapping function to transform the result rows provided in the response. Previously, when applying the mapping function to more than 4096 rows, the request failed with a JS-FROM-LIMITEXCEEDED error. Now, the request can apply the mapping function to 262,144 rows in a single request. Regardless of whether the request applies a mapping function, if the query returns a large number of rows, the client should page over the result rows.
BUG-54839 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Rolling Upgrade to 10.0-4 - MLCP fails with a mixed versioned cluster
During rolling upgrade, if there is a mixed cluster that has 10.0-4 MarkLogic with lower versions (e.g. 10.0-3 with 10.0-4), running MLCP job with 10.0-4 MLCP may fail.
BUG-54793 mlcp all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Query Console binary file download
Unable to download binary files from Query Console using Explorer
BUG-54785 Query Console all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Large Tableau extract timeout
XDMP-EXTIME is thrown from a fetch query that lasts longer than an hour over ODBC
BUG-54995 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Regression with null node permissions.
There is a regression updating a NullNode using xdmp.nodeReplace() resulted in "Permission denied: node-update", breaking existing application code.
BUG-54800 security all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Segmentation fault in JournalArchive::writeJournal
Occasional segmentation fault seen in JournalArchive::writeJournal
BUG-54888 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-4.2
Protected path not redacted with SQL
Under some circumstances, A SQL Query may expose data in a document that has been redacted using protected paths.
BUG-54915 security all Fixed in 10.0-4.2