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As of MarkLogic 10.0-11 and 11.2.0, the list of fixed bugs will no longer be published on The list of all fixed bugs will be included directly in the release notes for MarkLogic 10 and MarkLogic 11.

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Found 29 bugs fixed in 11.1.0

Bug ID Component Platform Status
Potential to lose data with segment assignment policy and retired forests
There is a potential for data loss if a database is using the segment assignment policy and the rebalancer is used to move data out of retired forests to the remaining forests in the database.
BUG-51897 xdmp all Fixed in 11.1.0
Query Console error: Parser Error: Cannot parse result as XML
When editing some text files in Query Console, they are incorrectly treated as XML
BUG-60237 all Fixed in 11.1.0
xdmp:logfile-scan() misses parts of long, multi-line log messages
If a call to xdmp:log or xdmp:trace is executed with a large sequence of lines, or 1 item with multiple lines (such as a large formatted XML, e.g. xdmp:log(fn:doc("large.xml")) then a xdmp::logfile-scan might only return a part of all the lines despite that the log timestamp for all lines is the same and all lines belongs to 1 log entry.
BUG-60280 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Usage telemetry can crash the server if it cannot access the keystore
Under certain conditions after an upgrade, usage telemetry can crash the server if it cannot access the keystore.
BUG-60313 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Cannot select the modules database for triggers in the Admin UI
After restoring a database from another cluster, the database "Triggers" does not allow you to Fix/Select the correct trigger modules database.
BUG-60364 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Performance regression for cts:triples() with triple range queries
An optimization for certain cts:triples() patterns that was added in 10.0-9 has caused other triple range queries with cts:triples() queries to be slower.
BUG-60373 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Deadlocks with fast locking and rebalancing
When using a database with fast locking, there can be a large number of deadlocks when the rebalancer is running.
BUG-60538 all Fixed in 11.1.0
mlcp has a CWE in 3rd party dependencies
mlcp has CWE-611 due to dependency on: org.apache.hadoop: hadoop-common : 3.3.4, org.apache.hadoop : hadoop-hdfs-client : 3.3.4.
BUG-60394 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Replica databases show size zero in the Admin UI
In the Admin UI, when database replication is used, replica databases where database encryption is enabled report that the encrypted size is zero even though the data is loaded.
BUG-60106 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Query Console's workspace menu gets truncated as workspaces are added
If a lot of workspaces are added, the Query Console workspace menu gets truncated.
BUG-60516 all Fixed in 11.1.0
"Automatic" cache sizing only works for hosts with up to 256 GB of RAM
Automatic cache sizing does not allocate caches using the recommended ratios for hosts with more than 256 GB of RAM.
BUG-60054 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Cannot delete flexrep configuration for incorrect domains from the Admin UI
If incorrect flex rep configurations appear (indicated by a number instead of a name), they cannot be deleted from the Admin UI.
BUG-60470 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Backup to S3 with object lock and compliance retention does not work
When the object lock and compliance retention is activated on S3 buckets, MarkLogic is unable to backup data to them because of a missing HTTPS Header.
BUG-60185 all Fixed in 11.1.0
The Optic/SPARQL plan viewer does not show memory correctly
Starting in MarkLogic 11.0.0, the Optic/SPARQL query plan viewer in Query Console does not show the memory component of each step in the plan. It is shown as NaN.
BUG-60361 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Optic DSL missing support for cts.documentFormatQuery, cts.documentRootQuery and cts.documentPermissionQuery
Optic DSL does not support the cts.documentFormatQuery, cts.documentRootQuery and cts.documentPermissionQuery query constructors.
BUG-60540 all Fixed in 11.1.0
SSL Secure Client-Initiated Renegotiation is not disabled
SSL Secure Client-Initiated Renegotiation option cannot be disabled.
BUG-60342 all Fixed in 11.1.0
CloudFormtation template template wording about AZs is unclear
CloudFormation template does not make it clear that the AZs cannot be changed from 1 to 3 AZs.
BUG-60174 all Fixed in 11.1.0
XDMP-LEXVAL error messages need to be improved
The current XDMP-LEXVAL error messages make it difficult to troubleshoot problems with TDEs.
BUG-60289 all Fixed in 11.1.0
mlcp has CWE-400 due to 3rd party dependency
mlcp has CWE-400 due to dependency on: com.fasterxml.jackson.core: jackson-core: 2.14.0-rc3
BUG-60393 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Cannot copy and paste from the autocomplete popup in Query Console
In Query Console, the documentation in the autocomplete popup cannot be selected. As soon as the anything is clicked on the popup, it disapears.
BUG-60258 all Fixed in 11.1.0
External Join/Sort Metrics not available via manage/v2/meters
The metrics for external Join/Sort are not available via manage/v2/meters REST endpoint.
BUG-60539 all Fixed in 11.1.0
xdmp:document-filter() does not detect the file type in some cases
When running xdmp:document-filter() against a binary node that is only in memory (has not be retrieved from the database), the file type may not be detected correctly because it does not know the file extension which otherwise comes from the document URI.
BUG-60211 all Fixed in 11.1.0
REST Manage API tokenization failing with MANAGE-INVALIDTOKENFUNCTION when created user password contains "$$" in string
BUG-60127 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Data missing after restore from backup and forests failover to replicas
There is a potential for data to be lost if a database with local disk failover configured is restored from a backup and the forests fail over to the replicas when the restore completes.
BUG-60269 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Unable to create/edit XQuery modules containing XML in Query Console Explore New and Edit editor
When creating or editing XQuery modules in QConsole, if the code has embedded XML, QConsole throws an error trying to save the module: XDMP-ARGTYPE: (err:XPTY0004)
BUG-60230 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Incorrect document filtering with multiple LIKE conditions
When using SQL queries with multiple LIKE conditions, it is possible that the query will return the wrong results.
BUG-60403 all Fixed in 11.1.0
cts:triple-range-query() can throw "Critical: Bad malloc"
cts:triple-range-query() throws "Critical: Bad malloc" when too many triple values are provided.
BUG-60363 all Fixed in 11.1.0
xdmp.filesystemFileDelete() is not documented
The xdmp.filesystemFileDelete() function is not documented so it's use is not supported and the function signature could change.
BUG-60310 all Fixed in 11.1.0
Select all via ctrl+a is not working in Query Console
In MarkLogic 11 Query Console, select all via ctrl+a is not working correctly when selecting in the query buffer. Once a query is run, ctrl-a stops working in the query buffer. ctrl+a in the results panel only selects one line if a line is clicked on when it should select all of the results.
BUG-60131 all Fixed in 11.1.0