MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0

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Bug Fix Report
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Found 3 bugs fixed in 10.0-9.1

Bug ID Component Platform Status
Segmentation fault in derivesFrom()
In some cases, import of variables from XQuery module A into module B is causing MarkLogic Server to crash.
BUG-57451 XQuery all Fixed in 10.0-9.1
swap limit not detected in docker
MarkLogic does not detect and honor the swap limit a user set for container environment.
BUG-57386 DB Cloud & Cloud Infrastructure all Fixed in 10.0-9.1
SQL/SPARQL/Optic API query performance variance
Some Optic Engine queries experience performance variation due to a bug in query optimization that randomly prevents the optimizer from applying certain useful optimizations.
BUG-57149 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-9.1