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Found 34 bugs fixed in 10.0-5

Bug ID Component Platform Status
Unable to leave cluster with encryption enabled
Host cannot leave a cluster if config encryption is enabled because we leave encrypted config files on the host. One config file, server.xml, stores the license key of the host. If the customer doesn't not remember their license key, they will need to reach out to marklogic support to get their license key again.
BUG-54726 Encryption at REST all Fixed in 10.0-5
Rebalancer does not resolve a deadlock
Under some rare circumstances, the rebalancer is unable to complete operations when it encounters an XDMP-DEADLOCK. Under normal circumstances, MarkLogic can attempt to resolve these - however under this scenario, it does not resolve the deadlock.
BUG-55373 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
cts:search only performed on the first item in map
Given a cts:search query where a map is provided to a function that searches the items within the map, cts:search is only performed on the first item in the map with the correct language setting.
BUG-54884 XQuery all Fixed in 10.0-5
cts:stem only stems on the first item in the sequence in a nested eval
cts:stem() only stems on the first item in the sequence in a nested eval with the correct language setting.
BUG-54881 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Export of query deserialized by cts.query()
An Optic builder can specify a constraining cts.query in a where operation. Previously, if the cts.query was parsed by the SJS cts.query() function, an export() operation threw an error. Now, the export() operation succeeds, and the exported query plan can be reimported later and executed.
BUG-52601 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-5
Inconsistent REST treatment of partition-number value
An invalid empty value for partition-number is exported by a REST GET; POST of an empty value succeeds but returns an error
BUG-54779 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-5
Segmentation fault in Journal::writeJournal
Under some rare circumstances, an occasional segmentation fault (in Journal::writeJournal) can be observed, which will cause the MarkLogic process to restart.
BUG-54889 xdmp linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-5
GET "/manage/v2/protected-collections" Not Found, SEC-ROLEDNE
In some circumstances, an HTTP GET to "/manage/v2/protected-collections" incorrectly returns 404 Not Found, with message "SEC-ROLEDNE: (err:FOER0000) Role does not exist:..."
BUG-54679 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-5
Regression with null node permissions.
There is a regression updating a NullNode using xdmp.nodeReplace() resulted in "Permission denied: node-update", breaking existing application code.
BUG-54723 security all Fixed in 10.0-5
Regression with cts:element-value-query for a search with a trailing wildcard
Under some circumstances a cts:element-value-query may return no results after upgrading from MarkLogic 9 to 10 due to the deprecation of an earlier format compatibility in MarkLogic 10.
BUG-54826 search all Fixed in 10.0-5
Transient read-after-write failure under heavy load
On a heavily loaded cluster a transient read-after-write failure can occur following an XDQP restart.
BUG-54765 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Creating metadata fields with JSON does not work
Attempting to create a metadata field with a JSON payload will fail because the metadata property is lost.
BUG-54873 Common API all Fixed in 10.0-5
Deleting path namespace and range path indexes fails
If you attempt to delete a path-namespace that was in use by a range-path-index, even if you were simultaneously deleting that range-path-index, the attempt fails
BUG-55263 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-5
Rebalancer with Segment or Legacy Assignment Policy
To correct a rare but significant bug in the Rebalancer, the Rebalancer may now take longer to complete when the database's forest assignment policy is set to 'legacy' or 'segment'.
BUG-54948 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Stemming performance
This is understood to be a MarkLogic Server performance regression that was introduced from the 9.0-11 release of MarkLogic 9 and which affects all subsequent releases. Under some circumstances, the ingestion of documents into a database with stemming enabled is significantly slower than would be expected. Ingestion for very large documents may time out as a result.
BUG-55237 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Segmentation fault in JournalArchive::writeJournal
Under some rare circumstances, segmentation faults have been observed in JournalArchive::writeJournal; this causes the MarkLogic Server process to restart.
BUG-54887 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
JS-FROM-LIMITEXCEEDED error for /v1/rows request with a mapping function
The /v1/rows endpoint of the REST API can apply a mapping function to transform the result rows provided in the response. Previously, when applying the mapping function to more than 4096 rows, the request failed with a JS-FROM-LIMITEXCEEDED error. Now, the request can apply the mapping function to 262,144 rows in a single request. Regardless of whether the request applies a mapping function, if the query returns a large number of rows, the client should page over the result rows.
BUG-54817 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-5
MacOS X SQL Driver not working with Tableau Correctly
Unable to connect using the DSN named "MarkLogicSQLDSN".
BUG-54993 SQL OS X Fixed in 10.0-5
Data in Tableau populates as today's date using a Live connection with queries containing TIMESTAMPADD()
From MarkLogic, the TIMESTAMPADD() function is not sending Tableau the correct ODBC type id's. This causes the data to be populated as today's date
BUG-55157 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-5
Segmentation fault on clusters during a rebalancing operation
Under some rare circumstances, a segfault can take place during an XDQP probeByHash operation. This can happen after an OS level hang and will cause the MarkLogic process to restart; subsequent rebalance operations will be retried after the restart.
BUG-55387 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Full outer join in the Optic API
Previously, the Optic API supported left outer joins and inner joins. Now, the Optic API also supports full outer joins
BUG-55200 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-5
Database refragmenting gets stuck in an endless loop when a fragment's parent contains commented out element data
When an element configured as a fragment parent for a database has commented out elements in the document, any configuration changes to the database cause the reindex/refragment to get stuck in an endless loop.
BUG-54837 search all Fixed in 10.0-5
XDMP-CAST error for Entity Services conversion on JSON null nodes
Entity Services provides the es.instanceConverterGenerate() / es:instance-converter-generate() functions to generate a converter function for entity instances. Previously, if a JSON instance had a property with a JSON null value, the conversion function failed with an XDMP-CAST error. Now, the generated code skips JSON null nodes, preventing the casting error.
BUG-54875 Entity Services all Fixed in 10.0-5
Certain documents become unreadable with XDMP-KEYMISMATCH errors.
BUG-55225 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Unable to download binary files from Query Console using Explorer
Error when trying to download binary files from Qconsole documents explorer
BUG-54725 Query Console all Fixed in 10.0-5
Protected path not redacted with SQL
Under some circumstances, A SQL Query may expose data in a document that has been redacted using protected paths.
BUG-54616 security all Fixed in 10.0-5
Documentation for xdmp:sql incorrectly states that the built-in should not be used in production
In the document for xdmp:sql, the summary states that the function: Executes an ad hoc SQL query. This function is for testing your SQL views when data modeling; it is not intended to be used directly in applications. This is not true; xdmp:sql can be used in production.
BUG-54904 documentation all Fixed in 10.0-5
XDMP-INTERNAL exception thrown during SPARQL evaluation where externally bound variables are used within a group by clause
Under some circumstances, a SPARQL GROUP BY statement will fail with an XDMP-INTERNAL error. This happens whern the statement makes use of variables that are externally bound and which are resolved within the scope of a GROUP BY clause.
BUG-54696 Semantics all Fixed in 10.0-5
Rolling Upgrade to 10.0-4 - MLCP fails with a mixed versioned cluster
During rolling upgrade, if there is a mixed cluster that has 10.0-4 MarkLogic with lower versions (e.g. 10.0-3 with 10.0-4), running MLCP job with 10.0-4 MLCP may fail.
BUG-54701 mlcp all Fixed in 10.0-5
Creating an external security object LDAP and attaching it to an App server with changing port to 50002, results in '500: Internal Server Error
Creating an external security object LDAP and attaching it to an App server with changing port to 50002, results in '500: Internal Server Error
BUG-54585 adminGUI all Fixed in 10.0-5
Correction in the datatype of RDF boolean literal
In the event where an RDF description of an item contains content expressed as an xs:boolean datatype, MarkLogic will use the wrong default datatype for the boolean value when storing the RDF content.
BUG-54838 Semantics all Fixed in 10.0-5
Dates and Datetimes showing up as today in Tableau reports
When connecting over ODBC using cursors, dates and datetime types get populated as today's date
BUG-55073 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-5
In some circumstances, SPARQL Query will be failing with XDMP-MEMCANCELED; For the cases identified, SPARQL query optimizations are improved with this release;
BUG-54776 Semantics all Fixed in 10.0-5
Query Console keyboard lag
Query Console users experience noticeable lag times between keypress and when it renders on screen when there are a large number of queries contained in the workspace, or a large number of lines in the query tabs.
BUG-54271 Query Console linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-5