MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0

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Bug Fix Report
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Found 6 bugs fixed in 10.0-5.2

Bug ID Component Platform Status
Memory leak using Kerberos with disabled Relay Cache
When using Kerberos with the Relay cache disabled a memory leak will occur. Kerberos library has been upgraded to 1.18.3 in this version of MarkLogic Server.
BUG-55609 security all Fixed in 10.0-5.2
SPARQL negation operator(!) inside Filter (Not) Exists SegFault
SPARQL Query using negation operator(!) inside Filter Exists/Not Exists results in a segmentation fault
BUG-55544 Semantics linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-5.2
MarkLogic server does not correct process SAML authentication when samlId is empty
BUG-55621 security all Fixed in 10.0-5.2
Async Database Replication Copy Failure
Stand copy fails in bulk database replication if the copy takes more than 5 minutes, resulting in the replica database unable to sync with the master database.
BUG-55543 Replication all Fixed in 10.0-5.2
Telemetry ErrorLog to include Server startup messages
Telemetry .... Stage/Logs/ErrorLog.txt now includes server start messages, sync to systems ErrorLog, for every server re-start with Telemetry log level not Disabled, so to provide enviroment parameters for support purposes.
BUG-55571 Telemetry all Fixed in 10.0-5.2
Get protected paths not returned
GET /manage/v2/protected-paths does not include protected paths for a user that has the privilege but not the manage-admin role.
BUG-55560 MarkLogic REST API all Fixed in 10.0-5.2