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Bug Fix Report
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Found 16 bugs fixed in 11.0.3

Bug ID Component Platform Status
sjs referencing XQuery modules with the same name may use the wrong module
When multiple XQuery modules with the same filename, but different paths exist in the modules database, SJS modules that reference the XQuery modules using the require function may not retrieve the correct module relative to the calling module.
BUG-60389 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Returning constraints from search endpoint results in invalid JSON
When using the "return-constraints" query option with JSON format, the JSON returned is in an invalid as there are multiple "constraint" properties at the same level.
BUG-60321 all Fixed in 11.0.3
SQL or Optic queries against sys_columns with query-based views is slow
If a Query-based view is present in the database, queries against the sys_columns data dictionary table from SQL or the Optic API will perform poorly.
BUG-60436 all Fixed in 11.0.3
The "property" querystring parameter is not supported in the v2/forests REST API
The documentation[id-or-name]@view=counts states that "property" is a querystring parameter that can be used to request specific properties but it does not work.
BUG-60390 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Segmentation fault in xdmp::LogRecordCache::getAt () for xdmp:logfile-scan()
There can be a segmentation fault in xdmp::LogRecordCache::getAt () when using xdmp:logfile-scan() under certain conditions.
BUG-60311 all Fixed in 11.0.3
MarkLogic connections to AWS KMS and Azure KeyVault fail due to the use of TLSv1.0
AWS and Azure have discontinued the use of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 and now require TLS 1.2. MarkLogic does not yet support TLS 1.2 for communication with an external KMS so once AWS and Azure require TLS 1.2, MarkLogic will no longer be able to communicate with AWS KMS or Azure Key Vault.
BUG-60387 all Fixed in 11.0.3
format=json not supported for the counts and schema views in the manage REST API
When using the "counts" or "schema" views in the management REST API, the JSON format is not supported.
BUG-60392 all Fixed in 11.0.3
EBS volumes are not mounted with 'nodev flag
AWS EBS volumes are not mounted with 'nodev'. The scanner software is reporting that the mounted volumes should have the nodev flag applied
BUG-60309 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Segfaults while performing a rolling upgrade
When performing a rolling upgrade to 11.0.0 on multiple clusters that have been coupled for database replication, segfaults may be seen due to an incompatibility at the XDQP protocol level.
BUG-60365 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Protected Paths Fail When Protecting Elements at the Same Place with Different Attribute Value
With multiple protected paths protecting the same elements but different attribute value, some protected elements fail to be protected so they are visible to users who do not have the permission, while some other protected elements fail to show up to users who do have the permission. For example, given the two protected path '/foo/bar[@attribute="a1"]' and '/foo/bar[@attribute="a2"]'. Users with only the read permission for the first path might be able to see an element that's '/foo/bar[@attribute="a2"]', while users with only read permission for the second path might fail to see the element '/foo/bar[@attribute="a2"]'.
BUG-60171 all Fixed in 11.0.3
xdmp.filesystemFile returns xs.string Object instead of a JavaScript String
The xdmp.filesystemFile() function returns as an xs.string Object instead of a JavaScript String as documented.
BUG-60312 all Fixed in 11.0.3
op.fromSearch() and op.fromSearchDocs() security constraints
Optic queries using either op.fromSearch()/op:from-search() or op.fromSearchDocs()/op:from-search-docs() operators may return more documents than theoretically accessible.
BUG-60407 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Curl Time Out When Backup to S3
MarkLogic might encounter the error `curlCode: 28, Timeout was reached` when doing backup to s3 in a very large cluster.
BUG-60133 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Geospatial triples of type LINESTRING or POLYGON are not deduplicated in SPARQL results
SPARQL queries that return newly inserted geospatial triples of type LINESTRING or POLYGON do not deduplicate results even with "dedup=on" option supplied.
BUG-60437 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Server hangs when turning log encryption on when telemetry is enabled
MarkLogic will hang when switching log encryption on if telemetry is enabled with log level set to info and the keystore component logs a warning or error message while enabling log encryption.
BUG-60355 all Fixed in 11.0.3
Slow region-relate queries in Geo in Optic while processing updates
While performing inserts to geospatial TDE columns or geospatial triples, slowdowns may occur if queries are performing region relate operations against these columns or triples. Region relate operations include 'CONTAINS', 'WITHIN', 'CROSSES', 'OVERLAPS', 'EQUALS', 'DISJOINT', 'INTERSECTS', 'TOUCHES', 'COVERS', and 'COVERED BY'
BUG-60435 all Fixed in 11.0.3