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Bug Fix Report
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Found 7 bugs fixed in 10.0-6.1

Bug ID Component Platform Status
facetBy() or groupToArrays() with single group
The Optic facetBy() and groupToArrays() operations take one or more group definitions. Previously, if exactly one group definition was passed, the operation threw an OPTIC-INVALARGS error. Now, the operation succeeds.
BUG-55774 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-6.1
loop on start: "let: not found"
When starting, if the mlcmd initialization script is executed in the XSH shell environment, it can get stuck in an infinite loop: ... Detecting eth1 from operating system ... Waiting for eth1 to be plugged in. Retry 1/20 ... [/opt/MarkLogic/mlcmd/scripts/init-config.xsh line: 137] let: not found
BUG-55824 DB Cloud & Cloud Infrastructure all Fixed in 10.0-6.1
Forced reindexing slow
In some circumstances, a forced reindexing can be slow
BUG-55794 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-6.1
implicit sampling with groupToArrays()
The second argument of groupToArrays() operation takes aggregates. Previously, the the operation threw an error if a column is passed instead of an aggregate. Now, as with groupBy(), the operation performs an implicit sample aggregate on the column to get the value of the column from an arbitrary row within the group.
BUG-55813 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-6.1
On rare circumstances, an ODBC client runs into an XDMP-OLDSTAMP error, and terminates connection.
BUG-55616 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-6.1
counting a column for facetBy()
The facetBy() operation takes an optional second argument for the column to be counted. Previously, the second argument was sampled instead of counted. Now, the second argument is counted.
BUG-55810 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-6.1
groupToArrays() throws error without aggregate
As with groupBy() and groupByUnion(), the second argument of groupToArrays() takes optional aggregates Previously, groupToArrays() threw an error if the aggregates argument was ommitted. Now, groupToArrays() processes the grouping keys.
BUG-55817 Optic API all Fixed in 10.0-6.1