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Bug Fix Report
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Found 5 bugs fixed in 10.0-6.4

Bug ID Component Platform Status
SQL Query duplicate data
An SQL Query sometimes returns duplicate data even though the data has not changed. When this occurs, incorrect left join results were responsible.
BUG-55716 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-6.4
LEFT OUTER JOIN in SQL or Optic with ORDER BY gives inconsistent results. When the bug occurs, no results are returned, despite there being valid results.
BUG-55734 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-6.4
Optic Query Segmentation Fault.
Segfault in StaticTypeRewriter::visitImpl(const SPARQLProject*) and in ProjectPlanIterator::nextBuffer()
BUG-55743 Optic API windows(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-6.4
SQL queries with null check OR'd with a comparison
SQL queries with (<column> is null OR <column> <comparison>) may return incorrect result. Extra rows are sometimes returned from a SQL query with a NULL check OR'ed with a comparison on the same column
BUG-55949 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-6.4
Ambiguous column error with IBM Information Analyzer
Binding a column in SQL selects, SPARQL, or Optic API with the same column name as an existing column results in ambiguous column error.
BUG-56025 SQL all Fixed in 10.0-6.4