MarkLogic 10 and Data Hub 5.0

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Bug Fix Report
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Found 8 bugs fixed in 10.0-8.1

Bug ID Component Platform Status
Telemetry scheduling
Telemetry usage scheduling enhanced to level out upload spikes;
BUG-56988 Telemetry all Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Wildcard and punctuation-sensitive false negatives
With some settings, wildcards and punctuation-sensitive can give false negatives
BUG-56986 search all Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Query Plan Viewer in IE11
Query Plan Viewer does not work in IE11
BUG-56926 Query Console windows(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Performance issue using new s3
In some circumstances, there are performance issues using the new s3 implementation
BUG-57007 Tiered Storage linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Admin GUI: Show more on server status page error
Clicking on show more button on server status page returns error in Admin GUI
BUG-57033 adminGUI all Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Resizing Query Plan Viewer
Query Plan Viewer is not able to handle window resizing
BUG-56927 Query Console all Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Document metadata upon node update
Document metadata is not updated correctly when using node update
BUG-56989 XQuery all Fixed in 10.0-8.1
Admin UI: Monitoring History when performance metering disabled
Monitoring History is blank when performance metering is disabled using Admin UI
BUG-56947 Monitoring Dashboard all Fixed in 10.0-8.1