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Bug Fix Report
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Found 6 bugs fixed in 10.0-8.3

Bug ID Component Platform Status
fn:doc returns extra documents
In rare circumstances, calling fn:doc with multiple URIs can return extra and/or incorrect documents
BUG-57036 xdmp all Fixed in 10.0-8.3
PDF converter throws ICN-CREATEFAILED
On some files, the pdf converter works, while on others it may throw an ICN-CREATEFAILED error.
BUG-57023 iceni linux(64-bit) Fixed in 10.0-8.3
Geospatial element pair with null data causes endless reindexing
Reindexing never finishes and deleted fragments climb with null data in geo element pair
BUG-57213 DB Cloud & Cloud Infrastructure EC2 Fixed in 10.0-8.3
Wildcard and punctuation-sensitive creates false negatives
With some settings, wildcards and punctuation-sensitive can give false negatives
BUG-57175 search all Fixed in 10.0-8.3
MLCMD uses log4j 2.14.1, which has a critical secure vulnerability
MLCMD uses log4j 2.14.1, which has a critical security vulnerability (see Log4j 2.17.1 addresses the vulnerability.
BUG-57214 security all Fixed in 10.0-8.3
XSL missing output from document()
In XSLT, if a function has a namespace and is undefined but is part of an IF() clause that does not execute, no UNDFUN error is thrown and variables that are selected that return documents are not output.
BUG-56802 XSLT all Fixed in 10.0-8.3