Changing IP Address of a MarkLogic Server Host
30 January 2014 12:44 PM


This article discusses some of the issues you should think about when preparing to change the IP address' of a MarkLogic Server.


If the hostnames stay the same, then changing IP addresses should not have any adverse side effects since none of the default MarkLogic Server settings require an IP address.

Here are some caveats:

  1. Make sure there are no application servers that have an 'address' setting to an IP address that will no longer be accessible/exist after the change.
  2. Similarly, make sure there a no external (to MarkLogic Server) dependencies on the original IP addresses.
  3. Make sure you allow some time (on the order of minutes) for the routing tables to propagate across the DNS servers before bringing up MarkLogic Server.
  4. Make sure the hosts themselves are reachable via the standard Unix channels (ping, ssh, etc) before starting MarkLogic Server.
  5. Make sure you test this in a non-production environment box before you implement it in production.
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