"Wait Replication" state due to forest name mismatch
07 July 2020 06:29 PM


When configuring database replication, it is important to note that the Connect Forests by Name field is true by default. This works great because, when new forests of the same name are later added to the Master and Replica databases, they will be automatically configured for Database Replication.

The issue

The problem arises when you use replica forest names that do not match the original Master forest names. In that case, you may find that failover events cause forests to get stuck in the Wait Replication state. The usual methods of failing back to the designated masters will not work - restarting the replicas will not work, and neither will shutting down cluster/removing labels/restarting cluster.


In this case, the way to fix the issue is to set Connect Forests by Name to false, and then you must manually connect the Master forests on the local cluster to the Replica forests on the foreign cluster, as described in the documentation: Connecting Master and Replica Forests with Different Names.

it is worth noting that, starting MarkLogic 7, you are also allowed to rename the replica forests. Once you rename the replica forests to the same name as the forest name of the designated master database (e.g., the Security database should have a Security forest in both the master and replica), then they will be automatically configured for Database Replication, as expected.

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