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Partial or Incomplete Upgrade
03 September 2014 01:28 PM


There have been incidents where upgrades have yielded messages like this in the ErrorLog:

2014-08-26 12:20:16.353 Notice: Admin: Beginning upgrading configuration
2014-08-26 12:20:16.533 Warning: Metering database is not configured - Temporarily disabling usage metering
2014-08-26 12:20:16.585 Notice: Admin: Checking prerequisites for Application Services upgrade.
2014-08-26 12:20:16.650 Notice: Admin: Configuring Manage appserver on port 8002
2014-08-26 12:20:16.675 Notice: Admin: Creating Manage appserver
2014-08-26 12:20:16.680 Error: Admin: ADMIN-NOSUCHDATABASE - unable to create Manage server on port 8002, contact support for assistance.
2014-08-26 12:20:16.680 Notice: Admin: Created Manage appserver
2014-08-26 12:20:16.685 Notice: Admin: Configuring App Services appserver on port 8000
2014-08-26 12:20:16.715 Notice: Admin: Updating App Services appserver
2014-08-26 12:20:17.299 Error: Admin: ADMIN-NOSUCHDATABASE - unable to update App-Services server on port 8000, contact support for assistance.
2014-08-26 12:20:17.299 Notice: Admin: Updated App Services appserver
2014-08-26 12:20:17.299 Notice: Admin: Completed Application Services upgrades
2014-08-26 12:20:17.441 Warning: Metering database is not configured - Temporarily disabling monitoring
2014-08-26 12:20:17.469 Info: Mounted forest Extensions locally on /var/opt/MarkLogic/Forests/Extensions read write
2014-08-26 12:20:18.091 Info: Unmounted forest Extensions
2014-08-26 12:20:18.091 Notice: Admin: 6.0 Upgrade completed
2014-08-26 12:20:18.445 Info: Mounted forest Extensions locally on /var/opt/MarkLogic/Forests/Extensions read write
2014-08-26 12:20:19.496 Info: Mounted forest Meters locally on /var/opt/MarkLogic/Forests/Meters read write
2014-08-26 12:20:20.002 Notice: Admin: Creating Healthcheck appserver
2014-08-26 12:20:20.007 Error: Admin: XDMP-CAST - unable to upgrade for 7.0, please contact support for assistance.

In scenarios like this, we have seen an upgrade from earlier versions run to completion but fail to create the necessary application servers and databases:

App Servers
8000, 8002, 7997
Fab, App-Services

Checklist: how to identify missing components

A successful upgrade from MarkLogic 4 to MarkLogic 7 should yield the following additional App Servers and Databases - if any of these are missing, you'll need to run some of the attached scripts.  If you have any concerns, please raise a case with the support team to further discuss any issues you encounter during an upgrade:

- App Servers:

Default :: App-Services : 8000 [HTTP]
Default :: Manage : 8002 [HTTP] 
Default :: HealthCheck : 7997 [HTTP]

- Databases:



This issue has been observed when installing MarkLogic 4.0-9.1, updating to 4.1-11.1 and subsequently upgrading to 7.0-3 but there may be other paths that also produce similar results.  An upgrade from 4.1-11.1 to 7.0-3 will complete as expected.

Running scripts to create the missing components:

The attached zip file ( contains 5 separate XQuery Modules which can be executed against the server.  

The example below assumes that you may not have access to the Query Console application on port 8000 (http://localhost:8000/qconsole/), so this example demonstrates the use of the "CQ" tool so the modules can be run against the server.  You can also run these as ad-hoc queries against an XDBC server as long as you ensure that the two scripts marked with an asterisk (create-users.xqy and create-7997-appserver-and-user.xqy) are executed against an XDBC URI that targets the security database (/Security).

If you are unable to access Query Console, you can temporarily install CQ to allow you to easily run the scripts:

- Unpack to somewhere (e.g. /tmp/cq)
- Create an HTTP application server on an unused port (e.g. 8003) and set Modules to (filesystem) and the path to /tmp/cq
- Open cq by going the application server to that port on any node in your cluster http://localhost:8003/

If you are unfamiliar with CQ and would like to discuss the configuration of this tool and the execution of these scripts, please contact the support team first.

Identifying the issue:

if you have upgraded to a current supported version of MarkLogic from an older version and you see only the following App servers after upgrading:
- Admin (8001)
- Docs (8000)

Then you will want to take corrective actions

Resolving the issue:

Start by following these steps to prepare the system:
- Install CQ
- Delete the "Docs" App Server on 8000
- You can copy and paste the contents of each of the modules into a cq buffer and use one of the buttons ("TEXT" / "XML" / "HTML") to evaluate the module code.

Execute the following modules in the order specified below:

(*) - ensure you evaluate these modules against the Security database; you can do this by selecting "Security (Admin)" from the "content-source" dropdown selector.  If you have any concerns about this, please contact the support team first to discuss the process:

- create-users.xqy*
- create-ml-42-databases.xqy
- create-8000-appserver.xqy (if you have a "Docs" App Server - please remove it previous to executing)

The above are all included in MarkLogic 4.2.  If you have upgraded to MarkLogic 5, you will need to run:


If you've upgraded to MarkLogic 7, you will need to run:


Post upgrade checks:

Test applications on port 7997:


Test applications on port 8000:


Test applications on port 8002:

http://localhost:8002/history/ (note that this will require the enabling of performance metrics)

To enable MarkLogic 7 metering - go to 8001 and configure as a "Group level" setting (Configure -> Groups -> Default)
- Set "metering" to enabled
- Set "performance metering" to enabled


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