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Loading Data into MarkLogic Server
15 December 2021 07:24 PM


There are many different options when loading data into MarkLogic. The best option for your particular circumstances will depend on your use case.


Version Compatibility

Not all features/programs are provided or are compatible with all versions of MarkLogic.  Check the requirements given.  Note that the MarkLogic documentation at allows you to select the version of the documentation that you view.

For the most recent MarkLogic Server versions,  there is a separate guide:  Loading Content Into MarkLogic Server.


MarkLogic Content Pump (mlcp) is an open-source, Java-based command-line tool. mlcp helps to import, export, and copy data to or from MarkLogic databases. It is designed for integration and automation in existing workflows and scripts.

See MarkLogic Content Pump for details.


In MarkLogic 6 and above, the MarkLogic REST API provides a set of RESTful services for creating, updating, retrieving, deleting and query documents and metadata.  See REST Development for details.

Java API

The Java Client API is an open source API for creating applications that use MarkLogic Server for document and search operations.


The Node.js Client API enables you to create Node.js applications that can read, write, and query documents and semantic data in a MarkLogic database. See Node.js Application Developer's Guide.


You can load documents into the database using the XQuery load document functions, as described in Loading Content Using XQuery in the guide to loading content.


You can set up a WebDAV server and client to load documents. See WebDAV Servers for more information.


RecordLoader is a Java-based command line tool, designed to load any number of arbitrary-sized input documents into a MarkLogic database.


Corb is a Java-based command line tool for content reprocessing in bulk. 


XQSync is a command-line, Java-based tool, useful for synchronizing MarkLogic databases to and from other databases, filesystems, and zip-files.

XCC Application 

Documents can also be loaded into the database by an XCC application, as described in the XCC Developer’s Guide.

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Dave Cassel
23 September 2014 11:57 AM
This page could use an update to discuss mlcp and the REST API.