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Unable to Merge All Deleted Fragments on forest with 32GB max merge size
22 April 2015 06:46 PM


Sometimes, following a manual merge, a number of deleted fragments -- usually small number -- are left behind after the merge completes. In a system that is undergoing steady updates, one will observe that the number of deleted fragments will go up and down, but never go down to zero.



There are a couple of approaches to resolve this issue:

  1.  If you have access to the Query Console, you should run xdmp:merge() with an explicit timestamp (e.g. the return value of xdmp:request-timestamp()). This will cause the server to discard all deleted fragments.

  2.  If you do not have access to the Query Console, just wait an hour and do the merge again from the Admin GUI.



The hour window was added to avoid XDMP-OLDSTAMP errors that had cropped up in some of our internal stress testing, most commonly for replica databases, but also causing transaction retries for non-replica databases.

We've done some tuning of the change since then (e.g. not holding on to the last hour of deleted fragments after a reindex), and we may do some further tuning so this is less surprising to people.



The explanation above is for new MarkLogic 7 installations. In case of an upgrade from prior MarkLogic 7 this solution might not work as it requires a divergent approach to split single big stands into 32GB. Please read more in the following knowledge base article Migrating to MarkLogic 7 and understanding the 1.5x disk rule (rather than 3x.

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