Point-in-time recovery using incremental backup with journal archiving
08 February 2015 04:28 PM


Administrators can achieve very fine granularity on restores when incremental backups are used in conjunction with log archiving.


Journal archiving can enable a restore to be performed to any timestamp since the last incremental backup.  For example, when using daily incremental backups in conjunction with 24-hour log archive retention, a restore can be made to any point in the previous 24 hours.

This capability enables administrators to go back to the exact point in time before a user error caused bad data to be ingested into the database, minimizing any data loss on the restore. Although this is a very powerful capability, the entire operation to perform a restore is simplified. Administrators can execute a simple operation as the server restores the backup set and replays the journal starting from the timestamp given by the admin.

For further information, see the documentation Restoring from an Incremental Backup with Journal Archiving.

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