Enhanced HTTP server and XDBC servers
11 February 2015 02:29 PM


Here we compare XDBC servers and the Enhanced HTTP server in MarkLogic 8.


XDBC servers are still fully supported in MarkLogic Server version 8. You can upgrade existing XDBC servers without making any changes and you can create new XDBC servers as you did in previous releases.

The Enhanced HTTP Server is an additional feature on HTTP servers which is protocol and binary transport compatible with XCC clients, as long as you use the xcc.httpcompliant=true system property.

The XCC protocol is actually just HTTP, but the details of how to handle body, headers, responses, etc., are "built in" to the XCC client libraries and the XDBC server. The HTTP server in MarkLogic 8 now shares the same low-level code and can dispatch XCC-like requests.

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