"Invalid Database Online Event" Error
30 June 2015 01:08 PM


Occasionally, you might see an "Invalid Database Online Event" error in your MarkLogic Server Error Log. This article will help explain what this error means, as well as provide some ways to resolve it.

What the Error Means

The XDMP-INVDATABASEONLINEEVENT means that something went wrong during the database online trigger event. There are many situations that can trigger this event, such as a server-restart, or when any of the databases has a change in configuration). In most cases, this error is harmless - it is just giving you information.

Resolving the Error

We often see this error when the user id that is baked into the database online event created by CPF is no longer valid, and the net effect is that CPF's restart handling is not functioning. We believe reinstalling CPF should fix this issue.

If re-installing CPF does not resolve this error, you will want to further analyze and debug the code that is invoked by the restart trigger.




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