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How to manage duplicate users
22 September 2015 01:15 PM


Under normal operations, only a single user object is created for a user-name. However, when users are migrated from another security database and if the recommend checking is not performed, duplicate user-names might be created.


When there are duplicate user-names in the database, you may see the following message on the Admin UI or in the error logs:

500: Internal Server Error
XDMP-AS: (err:XPTY0004) get-element($col, "sec:user", "sec:user-name", $user-name, "SEC-USERDNE") -- Invalid coercion: (fn:doc("*******")/sec:user, fn:doc("*******")/sec:user) as element()?


To fix duplicate user-names, the extra security object that is created needs to be removed. You can delete one of the extra security objects, which should have a URI similar to:******* where "*******" represents the user-id's.


To resolve the issue, follow the below steps:

1. Perform a backup of your Security database in case manual recovery is required.

2. Login to the QConsole with admin credentials.

3. Select "Security" database as the content-source

4. Delete the security object by executing xdmp:document-delete($uri) with $uri set to the Uri of the duplicate user.

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