How to deal with XDMP-CONFLICTINGUPDATES during CPF deletes
08 November 2019 10:37 AM


Content processing applications often require multi-step processing. Each step in the process performs a particular task or set of tasks. The Content Processing Framework in MarkLogic Server supports these types of multi-step conversion processes. Sometimes during document delete operation, it is possible that the CPF action might fail with 'XDMP-CONFLICTINGUPDATES' error, which can be seen in document-properties file like:

Sample message:

<error:format-string>XDMP-CONFLICTINGUPDATES: xdmp:document-set-property("FILE-NAME", <cpf:state xmlns:cpf=""></cpf:state>) -- Conflicting updates xdmp:document-set-property("FILE-NAME", /cpf:state) and xdmp:document-delete("FILE-NAME")</error:format-string>

This error message indicates that an update statement (for e.g. xdmp:document-set-property) is trying to update a document that is conflicting with other update occurring (e.g. xdmp:document-delete) in the same transaction.



Actions that want to delete the target URI need special handling because MarkLogic CPF also wants to keep track of progress in the properties, and just having document-delete [ xdmp:document-delete($cpf:document-uri) ]can't do that.

Following are ways to achieve the expected behavior and get past the XDMP-CONFLICTINGUPDATES error:

1) Performing a "soft delete" on the document and then let CPF take care of deleting the document. This can be done by setting the document status to "deleted" via cpf:document-set-processing-status API function. Setting the document's processing status to "deleted" will tell CPF to clean up the document and not update properties at the same time.

cpf:document-set-processing-status( $uri-to-delete, "deleted" )

Additional details can be found at:

2) If you want to keep a record of the URI that is being deleted, you can delete its root node instead of the document. The CPF state will be able be recorded in document-properties, even if the document is gone.


Details at:

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