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Meters data not cleared per retention policy
24 May 2016 01:22 PM

Monitoring History

The Monitoring History feature allows you to capture and view critical performance data from your cluster. Monitoring History capture is enabled at the group level. Once the performance data has been collected, you can view the data in the Monitoring History page.

By default, the performance data is stored in the Meters database. A consolidated Meters database that captures performance metrics from multiple groups can be configured, if there is more than one group in the cluster.

Monitoring History Data Retention Policy

How long the performance data should be kept in the Meters database before it is deleted can be configured with the data retention policy. (

If it is observed that meters data is not being cleared according to the retention policy, the first place to check would be the range indexes configured for the Meters database.

Range indexes and the Meters Database

Meters database is configured with a set of range indexes which, if not configured correctly (or not present) can prevent the cleaning up of Meters database according to the set retention policy.

It is possible to have missing or misconfigured range indexes in either of the below scenarios

  •  if the cluster was upgraded from a version of ML before 7.0 and the upgrade had some issues
  •  if the indexes were manually created (when using another database for meters data instead of the default Meters database)

The size of the meters database can grow significantly as the cluster grows, so it is important that the meters database is cleared per the retention policy.

The required indexes (as of 8.0-5 and 7.0-6) are attached as an ML Configuration Manager package( Once these are added, the Meters database will reindex and the older data should be deleted.

Note that deletion of data older than the retention policy occurs no sooner than the retention policy. Data older than the retention policy may still be maintained for an unspecified amount of time.

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