Fine-grained entitlement control in MarkLogic Server
26 July 2016 03:01 PM

People often want fine-grained entitlement control in the applications they build on top of MarkLogic Server. This article discusses two options and their performance implications.

Best Practice

Often, we'll see people attempt an implementation using MarkLogic users and roles. While MarkLogic Server can easily handle a large number of roles in total, you'll run into scalability and performance issues if you have a large number of roles per user. Additionally, you'll want to minimize the number of updates to documents in your Security database as every update requires Security caches to be re-validated, thus incurring a performance penalty.

Instead, for a more scalable and performant solution, you will want to build your entitlements into your documents at the application level, then query those entitlement values with element range indexes on the elements containing those entitlement values.

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