Getting all configuration information for MarkLogic over ReST
26 July 2016 02:53 PM


The MarkLogic Monitoring History dashboard (http://localhost:8002/history/) is probably the easiest way to gather monitoring history data, but almost all of this information available within the monitoring dashboard is also available over our ReST APIs:

Application Server Status details

Information on Application Severs can be found at and here's an example for getting detailed metrics - http://localhost:8002/manage/v2/servers?group-id=Default&view=metrics&format=xml

For Application Server status information - and here's an example with detailed metrics http://localhost:8002/manage/v2/servers?view=status&group-id=Default&format=xml&fullrefs=true

To access status information for a specific Application Server (for example, the TaskServer), you can get the current status by adding the name to the URI - http://localhost:8002/manage/v2/servers/TaskServer?group-id=Default&view=status&format=xml

You can also get the configuration information for a given application server (for example: "Admin") over the ReST API - http://localhost:8002/manage/v2/servers/Admin/properties?group-id=Default&format=xml

Database and Forest status details

For databases and forests, you can similarly use the endpoints for /databases or /forests:

Database level examples include:

Forest level examples include:

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