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Scripting Failover: "flipping" replica forests back to their masters using XQuery
23 August 2016 02:08 PM


If you have forest level failover configured on your MarkLogic cluster, in the event that a single host in the cluster loses contact with the other hosts, the forests will fail over to the backup set of forests: the replica forests

What should I do in the event of a failover?

Failover shifts the responsibility for a given set of forests over to other hosts in the cluster; if the failing host "loses" control of its' forests, control is not automatically given back when the master becomes available; failing forests has to happen manually.

To fail a forest back (to "flip" control back to the master), if both the replica and master forests are in sync with each other, all that's needed is to restart the replica forest. This can be done using the admin API (Configure > Forests > Forest Name > Status > Restart), or XQuery (xdmp:forest-restart):