12 November 2020 09:56 AM


When attempting to send email from MarkLogic, from Ops Director, Query Console, or other application, you might encounter one of the following errors in your MarkLogic Server Error Log, or in the Query Console results pane.

  • Error sending mail: STARTTLS: 502 5.5.1 Error: command not implemented
  • Error sending mail: STARTTLS: 554 5.7.3 Unable to initialize security subsystem

This article will help explain what these errors mean, as well as provide some ways to resolve it.

What these Errors Mean

These errors indicate that MarkLogic is attempting to send an SMTPS email through the relay, and the relay either does support SMTPS, or SMTPS has not been configured correctly.

Resolving the Error

One possible cause of this error is when the smtp relay setting for MarkLogic server is set to localhost.  The error can be resolved by using the Admin Interface to update the smtp relay setting with the organizational SMTP host or relay.  That setting can be found under Configure --> Groups --> [GroupName]: Configure tab, then search for 'smtp relay'.

If this error occurs when testing the Email configuration for Ops Director, you can configure Ops Director to use SMTP instead of SMTPS by ensuring the Login and Password fields are blank.  These fields can be found under Console Settings --> Email Configuration in the Ops Director application. (Note: The Ops Director feature has been deprecated with MarkLogic 10.0-5.)

Alternatively, install/configure an SMTP server with SMTPS support.

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