Gathering information to troubleshoot long-running queries
27 February 2013 09:06 AM


Attached to this article is an XQuery module: "appserver-status.xqy", which will generate a report on all requests currently "in-flight" across all application servers in your cluster


Run this in Query Console (be sure to display results as html output), it will generate an html table showing all requests currently "in-flight" across all application servers in your cluster. For any transaction taking over 60 seconds, it provides extra detail to help understand and identify bottlenecks where specific modules (or tasks) may be having an adverse effect on the overall performance of the cluster.

The information generated by this module can be used in conjunction with any ticket opened with the support team where assistance is required to better understand and resolve performance issues relating to specific modules. This module could also be used in a situation where DBAs want to perform routine health checks on their cluster to find and identify slow running queries.

 appserver-status.xqy (5.13 KB)
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