Common causes of XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG errors
30 October 2019 09:48 AM


XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG can occur when a non-ODBC process attempts to connect to an ODBC application server.  A couple of reasons that this can happen is that there is an http application that has been accidentally configured to point to the ODBC port, or a load balancer is sending http health checks to an ODBC port. There are a number of common error messages that can indicate whether this is the case.

Identifying Errors and Causes

One method of determining the cause of an XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG error is to take the size value and convert it to Characters.  For example, given the following error message:

2019-01-01 01:01:25.014 Error: ODBCConnectionTask::run: XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG size=1195725856, conn=

The size, 1195725856, can be converted to the hexadecimal value 47 45 54 20, which can be converted to the ASCII value "GET ".  So what we see is a GET request being run against the ODBC application server.

Common Errors and Values

Error Hexadecimal Characters
XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG size=1195725856 47 45 54 20 "GET "
XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG size=1347769376 50 55 54 20 "PUT "
XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG size=1347375956 50 4F 53 54 "POST"
XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG size=1212501072 48 45 4C 50 "HELP"


XDMP-ODBCRCVMSGTOOBIG errors, do not affect the operation of MarkLogic Server, but can cause error logs to fill up with clutter.  Determining that the errors are caused by an http request to an ODBC port can help to identify the root cause, so the issue can be resolved.

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