Excessive latency in Query Console
29 January 2020 06:59 PM


Query Console is an interactive web-based query development tool for writing and executing ad-hoc queries in XQuery, Server-Side JavaScript, SQL and SPARQL. Query Console enables you to quickly test code snippets, debug problems, profile queries, and run administrative XQuery scripts.  Query Console uses workspaces to assist users with organizing queries.  A user can have multiple workspaces, and each workspace can have multiple queries.


In MarkLogic Server v9.0-11, v10.0-3 and earlier releases, users may experience delays, lag or latency between when a key is pressed on the keyboard, and when it appears in the Query Console query window.  This typically happens when there are a large number of queries in one of the users workspaces.


A workaround to improve performance is to reduce the number of queries in each workspace.  The same number of queries can be managed by increasing the number of workspaces and reducing the number of queries in each workspace.  We suggest keeping no more than 30 queries in a workspace to avoid these latency issues.  

The MarkLogic Development team is looking to improve the performance of Query Console, but at the time of this writing, this performance issue has not yet been resolved. 

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