Recovering from XDMP-LABELBADMAGIC error
10 April 2015 12:54 PM


The XDMP-LABELBADMAGIC error appears when attempting to mount a forest with a corrupted or zero length Label file.  This article identifies a potential cause and provides the steps required to work around this issue.


The XDMP-LABELBADMAGIC error is often seen on systems where the server was running out of disk space.  If there is no space for MarkLogic Server to write the forest's Label file, a zero length Label file may result. The side effect of that would be the XDMP-LABELBADMAGIC error.

Below is an example showing how this error might appear in ErrorLog.txt when the Triggers forest has a zero length Label file.

2013-03-21 13:02:11.835 Alert: XDMP-FORESTERR: Error in mount of forest Triggers: XDMP-LABELBADMAGIC: Bad forest label magic number: 0x0 instead of 0x1020304

2013-03-21 13:02:11.835 Error: NullAssignment::localMount: XDMP-LABELBADMAGIC: Bad forest label magic number: 0x0 instead of 0x1020304

In order to recover from this error, you will need to manually remove the bad Label file.  Removing the Label file will force MarkLogic Server to recreate the file and will allow the forest to be mounted.

Steps for recovery:

1. Make sure MarkLogic Server is shutdown on the affected host.

2. Remove the Label file for the forest displaying the error

a. In Linux the default location is "/var/opt/MarkLogic/Forests/[Forest-Name]/Label"

b. In Windows the default location is "c:\Program Files\MarkLogic\Data\Forests\[Forest-Name]\Label"

3. Restart MarkLogic Server.

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