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Knowledgebase: MarkLogic Server
Guarding MarkLogic Applications against attack
03 November 2016 12:15 PM


OK, so you have written an amazing "killer App" using XQuery on MarkLogic Server and you are ready to make it available to the world. Before pressing the deploy button, you may want to verify that your application is not susceptible to hackers and other malicious users. There are many reliable scanners available to help find vulnerabilities in your MarkLogic installation. MarkLogic does not recommend any particular scanner.  

This article presents recommendation to handle some of the issues that might be flagged by a vulnerability scan over your MarkLogic Server Application.


Put ports 7998 - 8002 behind a firewall.

For vulnerabilities related to OpenSSH, TCP/IP attack, and other OS related known weaknesses, these can easily be warded off by taking the following steps:

  • Use a strong name/password.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of MarkLogic Server to get the most recently included OpenSSH library; or don’t use SSH and close port 22. 
  • Place production behind a firewall and only expose ports required by public application. 

It is important to guard against Denial Of Service attacks. Here are some ways you can harden against that:

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