Best Practices for schema definition
08 February 2021 01:27 PM


While there are many different ways to define schemas in MarkLogic Server, one should be aware of both the location strategy the server will use (defined here:, as well as the different locations in which your particular schema may reside.

Schema Location

Schemas can reside in either the Schemas database defined for your content database, or within the server's Config directory.  If there is no explicit schema map defined, the server will use the following schema location strategy:

1) If the XQuery program explicitly references a schema for the namespace in question, MarkLogic Server uses this reference.
2) Otherwise, MarkLogic Server searches the schema database for an XML schema document whose target namespace is the same as the namespace of the element that MarkLogic Server is trying to type.
3) If no matching schema document is found in the database, MarkLogic Server looks in its Config directory for a matching schema document.
4) If no matching schema document is found in the Config directory, no schema is found.

There can sometimes be issues with step #2 when there are multiple schema documents in the schema database whose target namespace matches the namespace of the element that MarkLogic Server is trying to type. In that situation, it would be best to explicitly define a default schema mapping - schema maps can be defined through the Admin API or the Admin User Interface. Be aware that you can define schema mappings at both the group level (in which case the mapping would then apply to all application servers in the group) or at the individual application server level.

Best Practices

Now that we know how the server locates schemas and where schema can potentially reside - what are the best practices?

In general, it's best to localize your schema impacts as narrowly as possible. For example, instead of using a single Schemas database or the server's one and only Config directory, it would instead be better to define a specific Schemas database that would be used for the relevant content database. Similarly, unless you know you need a defined schema mapping to apply to every application server in a group, it would instead be better to define your schema mappings at the application server level as opposed to the group level.

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