Best practices when trying to search (or not search) parts of documents
08 February 2021 03:39 PM


Problems can occur when trying to explicitly search (or not search) parts of documents when using a global configuration approach to include and exclude elements.

Global Approach

Including and excluding elements in a document using a global configuration approach can lead to unexpected results that are complex to diagnose.  The global approach will require positions to be enabled in your index settings, expanding the disk space requirements of your indexes and may result in greater processing time of your position dependent queries.  It may also require adjustments to your data model to avoid unintended includes or excludes; and may require changes to your queries in order to limit the number of positions used.

If circumstances dictate that you must instead use the less preferred global configuration approach, you can read more about including/excluding elements in word queries here:

Recommended Approach

In general, it's better to define specific fields, which are a mechanism designed to restrict your query to portions of documents based on elements. You can read more about fields here:



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