Deploying REST API Search/Query Options in DHS
29 July 2022 12:56 PM

Deploying REST API Search/Query Options in DHS

REST API Query Options Overview

You can use persistent or dynamic query options to customize your queries. MarkLogic Server comes configured with default query options. You can extend and modify the default options using /config/query/default.

REST API Search options are defined per Group and App Server. When using ml-gradle, they are typically deployed by putting the files defining the options in the src/main/ml-modules/options directory of your gradle project. By default the options will be deployed to the Group/App Server that gradle is pointing at in the data-hub-MODULES database under /[GroupName]/[App Server]/rest-api/options/[name of file].

REST API Query Options in DHS

In DHS, query options are created under the Evaluator Group for the data-hub-FINAL app server. One side effect of the permissions for DHS, is that users will not be able to see the files after they are deployed. The default permissions for the options file are rest-reader-internal and rest-admin-internal, which is not provided to the data-hub roles.

To check that the search options have been deployed you can use the following curl command:

  • curl --anyauth --user username:password -k -X GET -H "Content-type: application/xml"[myOptions]

If the options exist, you will get results. If the options do not exist, then you will get a 400 return, with a REST-INVALIDPARAM error.

Deploying Options to Other App Servers and Groups

Deploying Options to the Staging App Server

Using src/main/ml-modules/options will only deploy the options to the Final app server. If you want to deploy the options to the Staging app server, then you will need to define the options under src/main/ml-modules/root/Evaluator/data-hub-STAGING/rest-api/options

Deploying Options to Other Groups

If the cluster is configured for auto-scaling, the dynamic e-nodes will belong to either the Analyzer, Curator or Operator group, so the search options will not be available for the dynamic e-nodes.

To set the options for the app servers in other groups, you will also use src/main/ml-modules/root/[Group Name]/[App Server Name]/rest-api/options

  • src/main/ml-modules/root/Analyzer/data-hub-FINAL/rest-api/options
  • src/main/ml-modules/root/Operator/data-hub-FINAL/rest-api/options
  • ...etc

When deploying the options files in this way, they get different permissions than when they are deployed vi ml-modules/options. The permissions are rest-extension-user, data-hub-module-reader, data-hub-module-writer, tde-admin, and tde-view, but the permission differences do not appear to make a difference in functionality.

Deployment Failures

When options are deployed with the rest of the non-REST modules in ml-modules/root/..., it uses the /v1/documents endpoint, which allows you to set the file permissions.

When options are deployed from ml-modules/options, it uses the /v1/config/query endpoint, which does not allow you to set the file permissions.

One effect of this difference is if you attempt to deploy the search options using both ml-modules/options and src/main/ml-modules/root/Evaluator/data-hub-FINAL/rest-api/options you will encounter a SEC-PERMDENIED error and the deployment will fail. If you encounter this error, ensure you aren't attempting to deploy the options in both locations.

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