How do you use the MarkLogic SFTP server?
09 October 2023 10:26 AM


When interacting with the MarkLogic Technical Support Team, there will be times when you will need to either submit or retrieve large data content. MarkLogic maintains an SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol) server for this purpose. This article describes how to interact with the SFTP server at 


Our SFTP service is a self-managed service and requires a public key to be uploaded to the support account profile for activation.  

  • Step 1. Generate an SSH key pair or re-use an existing one 
  • Step 2. Login to the MarkLogic Support portal and click on the "My Profile" link
  • Step 3. Scroll down to the "Public Keys" section and click on "Add Key."
  • Step 4. Copy paste the content of your public key into the text field
  • Step 5. Update the profile by clicking on "Update."

Our key upload accepts RSA, DSA and ECDSA public keys in OpenSSH, Putty, PKCS1 or PKCS8 format. The uploaded key will be converted to OpenSSH format automatically. After a public key has been uploaded, it will be used for any ticket created in our Support Portal to login to the SFTP service. We recommend rotating the keys on regular bases for security reasons.

Connection is on the default port 22.  It is advised to follow your IT/Security department about security requirements.

Customer Access

The account details to login to our SFTP service will be provided in all email responses or directly from the Support Portal after selecting an open ticket from the "My Ticket" list. The account details will be of the following format.

"" and are different between each ticket. In general, the creation of an SFTP account happens fully automated in the backend and takes only a few minutes to be ready. No contact is required for the setup, but please reach out if there are any questions or problems.

Sharing any data requires only a few steps.

Logging In

  1. Open your preferred SFTP client.
  2. Provide user / account details "". Replace xyz-123-4567 with ticket meta details provided in the email or from our support portal
  3. Verify the private key selection of your client
  4. Login or connect 

You are now logged in to the MarkLogic SFTP site and in the ticket home directory, where all data will be shared for this ticket.

Submitting Content to MarkLogic

Uploading files doesn't require changing to any directory as they will be placed directly into the home folder.

  • To upload a file, use
    • drag and drop for UI-based clients
    • Put command for command line-based clients.
  • In case an upload becomes disconnected, it can also be resumed at any time by using the resume feature of your SFTP client or the "reput" SFTP command.
  • listing and deleting any file is supported the same way
  • After files have been uploaded, our system will scan them, calculate the MD5 checksum, send a notification and add them to the ticket.

Retrieving Content from MarkLogic

Downloading files is similar to uploading; no change of directory is required.

  • In case MarkLogic Support uploads/places a file as a notification will be send
  • To download a file use
    • drag and drop for UI-based clients
    • Get command for command line-based clients
  • In case the download is interrupted, it can be resumed at any time using the resume feature of your SFTP client or the "reget" SFTP command.

Data life cycle

Any data uploaded to the SFTP site will be available during the lifetime of an open ticket. After a ticket has been closed, the data will be deleted shortly after. It can, of course, be deleted at any time during the ticket work, either on request or by using the SFTP client. In case it is deleted manually, we appreciate getting notified in advance as it might still be needed for further investigations.

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