Resetting Wallet password after loosing the existing password.
12 September 2021 10:42 PM

Introduction and Pre-requisites

MarkLogic provides and manages PKCS #11 secured wallet which can be used as the KMS aka keystore for encryption at rest. When MarkLogic server starts for the first time, the server prompts to configure the wallet password. This article describes the way to reset the wallet password if you forget the one that was set at the time of initial launch. 

As the encryption at rest is enabled for databases, first you will need to decrypt all of the encrypted data, otherwise you will lose access to it.

To disable encryption, at the cluster level, you will need to change the cluster setting of Data Encryption from 'force' to 'default-off' under the key store tab of the cluster. All the databases that have encryption enabled, please change them to disable encryption. You will also need to disable log encryption as well if enabled. Once this change is complete, all the databases will need to be reindexed, which will decrypt the databases. Once you make sure all the databases are decrypted and reindexed before resetting the password.

Steps to  reset the wallet password:

1. Stop MarkLogic server on all hosts

2. On all of the nodes,

move the following files/directories to a secure location in case they need to be restored



Please make sure you have backup of the above.

3. Once those files are deleted, Copy the new/clean bootstrap keystore.xml from the MarkLogic install directory on all the nodes

cp /opt/MarkLogic/Config/keystore.xml /var/opt/MarkLogic/

4. Make sure step 2 and 3 are performed on all the nodes and then start MarkLogic server on all nodes.

5. Reset your wallet password from Cluster->Keystore->password change page refer to

Note: In the place of current password, you can provide any random password or even leave it blank.

Once complete, your wallet password should be set to the new value. Then you can configure your encryption at rest for data again.

(NOTE: AS WE ARE CHANGING THE ENCRYPTION CONFIGURATION AND RESETTING WALLET PASSWORDS, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE A PROPER BACK UP OF YOUR DATA AND CONFIGURATION. Please try the above mentioned steps in any of lower environments before you are implementing in your production)

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