Issues with Data Hub Generated TDE feature
21 May 2021 05:38 PM

Data Hub Framework allows you to model your data according to business entities. And Template Driven Extraction (TDE) allows you to view these entities through a relational or a semantic lens. With Data Hub Framework (DHF), TDE Templates are now created automatically so you can create data as rows using SQL or Optic API (see this video for more information). Template Driven Extraction feature has been available in MarkLogic for a while now whereas the DHF Generated TDE feature came out in DHF 4.

Recently, we have been receiving reports of a couple of issues with respect to the DHF generated TDE feature and we are currently working on investigating and resolving those issues. Although this feature is fully functional for the most part, while our investigation is in progress, if you are seeing issues with your DHF generated TDE feature, our recommendation is to consider the DHS generated TDE as an example only and based on that, create your own TDE in the meantime to be able to handle the queries that you would like to run.

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