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MarkLogic Server on MacOS Rosetta2 - Apple Silicon M1 / M[x]
26 April 2023 12:39 PM


Rosetta 2 is a seamless, very efficient emulator designed to bridge the transition between Intel and Apple Silicon processors (e.g. M1[x]). The first time you launch a Mac app on an Apple Silicon computer, you might be asked to install the Rosetta component to open it. 
Currently, when installing MarkLogic Server DMG (pkg) on Apple Silicon macOS, you will be blocked by the following error:
“MarkLogic Server ([version]) can’t be installed on this computer.
MarkLogic Server requires an Intel processor.”
The error above is caused by MarkLogic’s macOS system call to verify if it’s running on an Intel processor. This legacy check was required when Apple was transitioning from PowerPC to Intel CPUs (announced in June 2005, Rosetta 1 emulation). MarkLogic Server has never been available for PowerPC-based Apple Computers. In order to install MarkLogic’s Intel package on Apple Silicon, the legacy check has to be removed from the installation script.


*1. Open a Terminal [0] and install Rosetta2 emulation software.

$ softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Note: For additional information, please check the official Apple Rosetta 2 article. [1]
* Step not required if Rosetta 2 is already installed for other Intel-based applications.

2. Download any ML server DMG from the ML-DMC website [2]

3. Mount the DMG and copy the install package to a writable temporary location in the local filesystem

$ cp -R /Volumes/MarkLogic/ /Users/[your_user_name]/tmp

4. In a Terminal window, edit Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck in a text editor (e.g. vim or nano)

$ vim /Users/[your_username]/tmp/MarkLogic-[downloaded_package_version].pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck 

Note: As an alternative, in the GUI-Finder, right-click and "Show Package Contents”. Navigate to “Contents/Resources/“, and edit the file “InstallationCheck” with a GUI text editor.

5. Delete or comment out the block starting with (lines 46-52) and save the file “InstallationCheck”:

 46 echo "Checking for Intel CPU"
 47 if [[ $CPU_TYPE != "7" ]] ;
 48    then
 49    echo "MarkLogic Server requires a CPU with an Intel instruction set."
 50    exit 114;     # displays message 18
 51 fi
 52 echo "$CPU_NAME is an Intel CPU."Save the file and back out of the folder

6. Install the MarkLogic package from the GUI Finder or CLI as intended. [3]

• The procedure in this knowledge base article allows to install MarkLogic Server on macOS Rosetta2 - Apple Silicon M1 / M[x]. 
• MacOS is supported for development only. Conversion (Office and PDF) and entity enrichment are not available on macOS. [4] 
• The legacy installation check is removed starting from MarkLogic 10.0-10+ release.
• Once the legacy check is removed, Rosetta 2 emulation software will be still required till an official native M1 / M[x] MarkLogic Server package will be available.



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