Restoring Backups Across Feature Releases of MarkLogic
29 April 2020 02:51 PM

Backwards Compatibility

Newer versions of MarkLogic will support backups taken from older versions of the software.  This restore may cause a reindex of the data in order to upgrade the database to the current feature release version.  Information on backing-up/restoring can be found in the following documentation:

Database Level Backups: Backing Up and Restoring a Database

Forest Level Backups and Restores: Making Backups of a Forest, Restoring a Forest

Upgrade compatibility: Upgrades and Database Compatibility


MarkLogic does not support downgrading to an older version.  Therefore, backups that were taken on a newer version of MarkLogic will not be compatible with older versions of MarkLogic.  For more details please see MarkLogic Server Version Downgrades are Not Supported.

Backup and Restore Across OS Versions

Notes about Backup and Restore Operations

  • The backup files are platform specific--backups on a given platform should only be restored onto the same platform. This is true for both database and forest backups.

Platform is used to indicate OS Families, e.g. Windows, Linux and MacOS. MarkLogic supports backup and restore operations across OS version changes, e.g. from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7, but not across OS changes such as Windows to Linux.

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