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Knowledgebase: MarkLogic Server
SVC-MAPINI: Mapped file initialization error occurs randomly
13 April 2021 09:40 AM


Some disk related errors, such as SVC-MAPINI, seen on MarkLogic Servers running on the Linux platform can sometimes be attributed to background services attempting to read or monitor MarkLogic data files.


In some cases when background services are attempting to access MarkLogic data files, you may encounter an error similar to the following:

SVC-MAPINI: Mapped file initialization error: open '/var/opt/MarkLogic/Forests/my-forest-02/0000145a/Timestamps': Operation not permitted

The most common cause of this issue is Anti-Virus software.


To avoid file access conflicts, MarkLogic recommends that all MarkLogic data files, typically /var/opt/MarkLogic/, be excluded from access by any background services, which includes AV software. As a general rule, ONLY MarkLogic Server should be maintaining MarkLogic Server data files. If those directories MUST be scanned, then MarkLogic should be shutdown, or the forests be fully quiesced, to prevent issues.

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