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26 June 2014 02:29 PM


When trying to restore from a backup previously taken, the  XDMP-BACKDIRINUSE error message may sometimes be encountered:

    XDMP-BACKDIRINUSE - Backup data directory currently has a backup job in progress

As described, the most common occurrence of this message is when a restore is attempted while a backup task is running.  However, you may also encounter this error when another process has the backup directory locked.


To resolve this error, you will need to first determine if there is, indeed, a backup running to the same directory, or if the directory is locked by another process.

If there is another backup running, wait for it to complete or kill it, and attempt the restore again.

However, if there is no other backup task running, check if there are any files in the backup directory with the prefix "Job.*"  (This may happen when the backup files were copied during a running backup job)

For example:

-rw-r--r-- 1 mlogic dba  4747 May 20 15:48  Job.F5CDF0424BDC0DE1

-rw-r--r-- 1 mlogic dba  4747 May 20 15:48  Job.B856D24DED41A543 

When there are files which start with Job.* in the backup directory, the server assumes that there is another backup job in progress and will throw the XDMP-BACKDIRINUSE error. Deleting these files from the directory (or renaming them) and performing the restore again should get you past this error.

If neither of these solutions are sufficient to get past this error, you should look for external (non-MarkLogic) processes that might be holding a lock on database backup files, such as file backup or virus scan programs. If these exist, either wait for the processes to complete or kill them, and then attempt the restore again.





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