Using a mix of SSD and spinning drives
11 February 2015 02:35 PM


There are two ways of leveraging SSDs that can be used independently or simultaneously.

Fast Data Directory

In the forest configuration for each forest, you can configure a Fast Data Directory. The Fast Data Directory is designed for fast filesystems such as SSDs with built-in disk controllers. The Fast Data Directory stores the forest journals and as many stands as will fit onto the filesystem; if the forest never grows beyond the size of the Fast Data Directory, then the entire forest will be stored in that directory. If there are multiple forests on the same host that point to the same Fast Data Directory, MarkLogic Server divides the space equally between the different forests.

See Disk Storage.

Tiered Storage (licensed feature)

MarkLogic Server allows you to manage your data at different tiers of storage and computation environments, with the top-most tier providing the fastest access to your most-critical data and the lowest tier providing the slowest access to your least-critical data. As data ages and becomes less updated and queried, it can be migrated to less expensive and more densely packed storage devices to make room for newer, more frequently accessed and updated data.

See Tiered Storage.


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