Alternatives to Ops Director
18 February 2021 01:01 AM

Alternatives to Ops Director


The MarkLogic Ops Director provided a basic dashboard for monitoring the health one or more MarkLogic Server clusters, and sending out basic alerts based on predefined conditions. It has been deprecated starting with MarkLogic 10.0-5, and will no longer be supported as of November 14, 2021. Our experience has shown that our customers are most effective monitoring MarkLogic Servers by integrating commercial off the shelf monitoring tools with our Management APIs.

Monitoring DHS

Note: Our Data Hub Service customers are not impacted by this announcement. One of the benefits of using our Data Hub Service is that the MarkLogic Corporation will manage and monitor the underlying MarkLogic Server instances for you.


There are a number of different alternatives to Ops Director, depending on your requirements, and existing monitoring infrastructure. Ops Director used the Management API to obtain the required information, specifically the /manage/v2/logs endpoint to read the logs and look for any "Critical" or "Error" messages using a Regular Expression (Regex). These endpoints are still available, and could be leveraged by administrators with shell or python scripts, which could also include alerting.

Detecting and Reporting Failover Events

If there is also a requirement to monitor at the Host or Database level there are REST API endpoints available for any scripted solution. Performance related data stored in the Meters database can also be accessed via REST.

The MarkLogic Monitoring History can also be extended to provide some basic visualizations.

Hacking Monitoring History

Commercial Alternatives

If your requirements are more complex than can be easily met by the options above, there are many commercial monitoring solutions that can be used to monitor MarkLogic. These include Elastic/Kibana, Splunk, DataDog and NewRelic, among others. Many organizations are already using enterprise monitoring applications provided by a commercial vendor. Leveraging the existing solutions will typically be the simplest option. If a monitoring solution already exists within your organization, you can check to see if there is an existing plugin, extension or library for monitoring MarkLogic.

If a plugin, extension or library does not already exist, most monitoring solutions also allow for retrieving data from REST endpoints, allowing them to pull metrics directly from MarkLogic even if a there is not a pre-existing solution.

Available Plugins - Extensions - Libraries

Here are a sample of some of the available options that are being used by other customers to monitor their MarkLogic infrastructure. These options are being listed here for reference only. MarkLogic Support does not provide support for any issues encountered using the productions mentioned here. Please refer to the solution vendor, or the github project page for any issues encountered.


MarkLogic Monitoring for Splunk provides configurations and pre-built dashboards that deliver real-time visibility into Error, Access, and Audit log events to monitor and analyze MarkLogic logs with Splunk.


Monitor MarkLogic with Datadog




New Relic

MarkLogic New Relic Plugin

Note: Currently there is a published New Relic Plugin that works with the latest versions of MarkLogic. However, New Relic has decided to deprecate plugins in favor of New Relic Integrations. Currently New Relic has limited plugin access to accounts that have access plugins in the last 30 days, but they plan to discontinue this access in June, 2021.

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