MarkLogic Fundamentals FAQ - How to work with MarkLogic Support
23 June 2024 11:21 PM
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How do I get help from MarkLogic Support?
  • MarkLogic Support services are for registered customer contacts with current license and maintenance entitlements
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to to register your support contacts before you need them. Creating accounts and verifying entitlements is not how you want to spend time in the event you need immediate assistance
  • One registered, you can open a support case via the URLs, email addresses, and phone numbers listed in the "HOW TO CONTACT US" section of our linked Support Handbook


What information should I pass along in my support case?

For every support case, please send along:

  • A summary of the problem
  • Status only support dump of the affected cluster
  • ErrorLog.txt files from all the nodes in the cluster

For issues centered on performance problems, please also send along:

  • Monitoring History or Meters data
  • If requested by MarkLogic Support, perf/pstack output
  • If requested by MarkLogic Support, output from diagnostic trace events

Do note that MarkLogic's Telemetry feature, if enabled, will send much of this information in the background

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How do I generate a Support Dump?

Via the Administration Interface (aka the "Admin Interface" or "Admin UI")

Where are the MarkLogic Server Error logs? What log level setting should I use?
  • MarkLogic Server error logs are stored in the Logs directory under the MarkLogic Server data directory for your platform. For example, on Linux, they're at /var/opt/MarkLogic/Logs/ErrorLog.txt
  • It is good practice to run in production with the Debug file log level to get a more detailed record of operations.


KB Articles:

How do I debug performance issues in MarkLogic?
  • Meters data should be provided for analysis of any performance related issue
  • If the monitoring history suggests the issue is caused by an inefficient or incorrect query, output from the following calls can help to determine where the problem areas are within a given query:


KB Articles:

When should I provide pstack or perf output? How do I generate pstack or perf output?

pstack and perf allow a view of what individual threads are doing in a running MarkLogic Server process. MarkLogic Support will request pstack or perf output, if necessary

KB Articles:

When should I provide trace event output? How do I generate trace event output?

Trace events are useful when more diagnostic information is needed than is typically available in the standard MarkLogic or Operating System log files

How to use diagnostic trace events

What is Telemetry? 

Telemetry, when enabled, collects, encrypts, packages, and sends diagnostic and system-level usage information about MarkLogic clusters so that the MarkLogic Support team has access - in advanced - to the typically requested collateral


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